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209 Ratings

The Discovery

Directed by Charlie McDowell
United States, 2017
Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance


A love story set one year after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified.

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The Discovery Directed by Charlie McDowell

What are people saying?

  • J. O.'s rating of the film The Discovery

    Starts with a literal bang. A dark, interesting concept that soon devolves into a generic look-book for a director determined to rip off Altered States, Inception, and a pile of other films - hell maybe even Flatliners. Not to mention the nonsensical ending. What is it with writers giving up trying by the second act? Segel and Mara are forced, though she is more likeable than he. Generally, wasted potential.

  • MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Discovery

    It's amazing how much stuff Charlie McDowell "borrowed" from The Leftovers: the mood, the soundtrack, even the jumpsuits... Plus: deploying the so-called Shyamalan's narrative formula was ineffective, if not counterproductive. And Jason Segel was the worst possible choice for lead character. The Discovery epitomizes the condition of contemporary American sci-fi, completely devoid of imagination, ideas, and brio.

  • †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film The Discovery

    I really wish people in the film didn't verbally refer to the event as "The Discovery." The film actually has a cool sci-fi concept that was wasted on some inhuman performances and a story line ultimately void of conflict. The last 5-10 minutes just came off as really goofy. I do give props to some of McDowell's directing choices--he succeeded in making the whole process of searching for the afterlife pretty creepy.

  • Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film The Discovery

    È il nuovo film prodotto da Netflix col piglio dell'indipendente ma con attori tutt'altro che sconosciuti. L'idea è interessante, ma già dall'inizio le cose non tornano: il punto centrale, i suicidi, sono poco credibili, non hanno un vero senso e a poco servono le migliaia di spiegoni. La Scoperta fa l'enorme errore di comunicare pochissimo attraverso le immagini ma di innaffiarti di chiacchiere.

  • surgery-ethic's rating of the film The Discovery

    "Sometimes I feel like I'm taking someone else's spot and then I feel sad. Like, being here alive is a waste because i don't enjoy it, I'm not happy or grateful and I'm taking a spot away from someone who maybe would've gotten something more out of it."

  • Rubia Carolina's rating of the film The Discovery

    Just truly realized that any experience we have with a movie is based on such a personal baggage that ratings and movie reviews are more like notes for onself than anything else. That said, The Discovery is much better than I expected, yet not good enough. So promising, it leaves you with that feeling of things that could've happened and people you could´ve met but didn´t.

  • Michael Peer's rating of the film The Discovery

    What starts off as a fascinating and intriguing premise devolves into a version of Groundhog's Day that plays out as if Bill Murphy didn't realize he was in Groundhog's Day. It starts with a bang, then slowly fizzles out. The screenwriters wrote themselves into a corner they couldn't get out of and the film suffers for it. The tone and atmosphere are solid but unsupported by familiar tropes and characterizations.

  • thmslhr's rating of the film The Discovery

    SPOILERS: I had a hard time accepting the premise (among other things), that millions of people simply committed suicide because the afterlife was proven scientifically. Lots of people already believes the afterlife exists, and I have a hard time seeing that the proving or disproving of the afterlife would make those that believe kill themselves. The film is way too vague in this area. 2 stars for Mara.

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