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The Dreamed Path

Der traumhafte Weg

Directed by Angela Schanelec
Germany, 2016
Angela Schanelec: Showing without Telling


Theres and Kenneth are young, when they first meet in their summer holidays in Greece. They fall in love with each other but can’t prevent the forthcoming separation. Thirty years later, in another country—another couple. Ariane leaves her husband David, because she doesn’t love him anymore.

Our take

Through Bressonian fragmentation, the Berlin School auteur Angela Schanelec delivers a puzzling, elliptical anti-love story, and keeps challenging our notion of narrative with her radical, quietly masterful filmmaking.

The Dreamed Path Directed by Angela Schanelec
A ceaseless happening, allowing only for the collapsing, ever-sinking gazes of the characters and the camera pulsing in this blackout of a film, until all that remains is our helplessness in the face of life. Angela Schanelec’s The Dreamed Path is one of the best films of the year, a film about healing and change, both of which are invisibly stripped in the images.
May 28, 2018
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Every now and then, it’s not wrong to ponder on the nature of emotions in cinema. Why does an image arouse an emotion? In Angela Schanelec’s cinema in general, and in The Dreamed Path in particular, the flow of emotions is unleashed by a radicalization of the sensitive experience. Commotion is physical, more than narrative, and it demands a specific attention.
May 21, 2018
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The ‘dreamed’ path is ultimately a trope – as if out of a Robert Frost poem, ‘The road not taken.’ We are invited to see the two women as reiterations, and to commune with a desire, oft expressed in Schanelec’s oeuvre, to be someone else. Schanelec’s deliberate taciturnity leaves small gestures and objects – a cap fallen in the midst of a fainting spell, a piece of a jagged shard, or a shoe dropped in haste, or despair – to speak for persons who can’t or won’t communicate openly.
March 15, 2017
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