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  1. Photo of Gilda de Abreu

    Gilda de Abreu Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Alice Archambeau

    Alice Archambeau Cast

  3. Photo of Rodolfo Arena

    Rodolfo Arena Cast

  4. Photo of Victor Drummond

    Victor Drummond Cast

  5. Photo of Manoel Vieira

    Manoel Vieira Cast

  6. Photo of Walter D'Ávila

    Walter D'Ávila Cast

  7. Photo of Júlia Dias

    Júlia Dias Cast

  8. Photo of Arlete Lester

    Arlete Lester Cast

  9. Photo of José Mafra

    José Mafra Cast

  10. Photo of Isabel de Barros

    Isabel de Barros Cast

  11. Photo of Antonia Marzullo

    Antonia Marzullo Cast

  12. Photo of Manoel Rocha

    Manoel Rocha Cast

  13. Photo of Jacy de Oliveira

    Jacy de Oliveira Cast

  14. Photo of Zélia Barros

    Zélia Barros Cast

  15. Photo of Aurora Barroso

    Aurora Barroso Cast

  16. Photo of Constantino Botez

    Constantino Botez Cast

  17. Photo of Regina Braga

    Regina Braga Cast

  18. Photo of Walyta Brasil

    Walyta Brasil Cast

  19. Photo of Amadeu Celestino

    Amadeu Celestino Cast

  20. Photo of João Celestino

    João Celestino Cast

  21. Photo of Paulo Celestino

    Paulo Celestino Cast

  22. Photo of Edson Chagas

    Edson Chagas Cast

  23. Photo of Dalva Costa

    Dalva Costa Cast

  24. Photo of Oswaldo Cruz

    Oswaldo Cruz Cast

  25. Photo of Carlos D'Eça

    Carlos D'Eça Cast

  26. Photo of Marilu Dantas

    Marilu Dantas Cast

  27. Photo of César de Alencar

    César de Alencar Cast

  28. Photo of Iracema Fernandes

    Iracema Fernandes Cast

  29. Photo of Ademilde Fonseca

    Ademilde Fonseca Cast

  30. Photo of Noêmia Fred

    Noêmia Fred Cast

  31. Photo of Carlos Grossy

    Carlos Grossy Cast

  32. Photo of Oswaldo Loureiro

    Oswaldo Loureiro Cast

  33. Photo of Izalina Maes

    Izalina Maes Cast

  34. Photo of Flora Matos

    Flora Matos Cast

  35. Photo of Cecy Medina

    Cecy Medina Cast

  36. Photo of Walter Micelli

    Walter Micelli Cast

  37. Photo of Jaime Moreira Filho

    Jaime Moreira Filho Cast

  38. Photo of Lourdes Nazareth

    Lourdes Nazareth Cast

  39. Photo of Pérola Negra

    Pérola Negra Cast

  40. Photo of Antônio Paes

    Antônio Paes Cast

  41. Photo of Antônio Palmeira

    Antônio Palmeira Cast

  42. Photo of Napoleão Santos Pinto

    Napoleão Santos Pinto Cast

  43. Photo of Luiz Soberano

    Luiz Soberano Cast

  44. Photo of Cléa Suzana

    Cléa Suzana Cast

  45. Photo of Ester Tarcitano

    Ester Tarcitano Cast

  46. Photo of Vicente Celestino

    Vicente Celestino Music, Cast Screenplay

  47. Photo of Adhemar Gonzaga

    Adhemar Gonzaga Producer

  48. Photo of A.P. Castro

    A.P. Castro Editing and Cinematography

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