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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Udo N. Owen's rating of the film The Editor

    The Editor ist viel weniger Split, als erwartet. Für mich ist der Streifen ein richtig ernstzunehmender, schön fotografierte Film mit viel Humor, tollen Effekten, sehr guter musikalischer Untermalung und von Anfang bis Ende unterhaltsam und spannend! Lediglich Paz de la Huerta ging mir etwas auf den Senkel, tut dem Ganzen aber keinen Abbruch. 8/10

  2. João R's rating of the film The Editor

    It has a good source material to spoof (even though I absolutely adore the Giallo genre) and, for the most part, it's efficient. However, it becomes disconnected and unbearable.

  3. James Mackin's rating of the film The Editor

    Very much parody of giallo, but done in an overtly fun way. Also, the dude from Human Centipede 2 is in this, so that's really cool. And he speaks in this too.

  4. D.J. Devereux's rating of the film The Editor

    I really like it. I should give it more than 3 and who am I, as a fellow struggling independent film maker to give you a 3 out of 5. I am no one in truth. However the cinematography was just a tad too over the top, of course the neo-giallo influence had to be made clear, but the subtly affected the craft almost. Fantastic over the top acting and incredible use of Udo Kier. Well done for keeping the Genre alive.

  5. Taufiq Hariyadi's rating of the film The Editor

    Offers me a way to deal with horror

  6. Nick Schwab's rating of the film The Editor

    Has Astron6's humor and precise mimicry of the narrative conventions and technique of its homage to Italian Giallos that made their grindhouse-esque Father's Day so memorable. Unlike the gimmicky Cabin in the Woods that makes fun of horror while still mostly adhering to its cliches (a farce), The Editor is a knowingly-parodic throwback to its type and is as stylistic in its pastiche as Tarantino.

  7. Romina's rating of the film The Editor

    A parody. When the giallo is funny? Is like the scary movies of the giallo!

  8. film_lies101's rating of the film The Editor

    Unfocused spoof that purports to spoof Gialli but incorporates various Italian genre tidbits. It felt like watching a Giallo Family Guy episode

  9. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film The Editor

    While initially hilarious, this spoof on the giallo genre eventually wears out it’s welcome and becomes tedious and annoying. Eventually you find that the characters are too caricature to care about, and the continued lack of sincerity in any degree begins to drag. A good comedy needs a solid base, like a straight man character or some believability to hold our attention and become more than a string of jokes.

  10. msmichel's rating of the film The Editor

    Astron 6 (Manborg) is back with this campy homage to the 70's/80's giallo genre. Any self respecting Bava or Argento fan is going to dig this one for its awkward dubbing, old school gore effects, music and surrealistic touches. Directors Kennedy and Brooks are also the leading men here with performances featuring tongue firmly in cheek. Some great laugh out loud moments but with some stylish horror as well.

  11. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film The Editor

    Why weren't they drinking J&B? Why weren't any of the ladies wearing exuberant 70s makeup or fashions? Liked the MRS WARDH spoofs and the Franco Nero HITCH HIKE guy best. "Darling, I am in our home!"

  12. Josh Tierney's rating of the film The Editor

    Paz de la Huerta's indifferent performance sabotages what is otherwise an enjoyable little film. With how absurd the story is, Huerta could've easily been cut out altogether, but I suppose the filmmakers wanted their money's worth.

  13. Palmat's rating of the film The Editor

    I´m a big fan of the giallo genre and can clearly see the ripe opportunity to spoof the genre since it inherently is quite silly and filled with histrionics. I´m sorry to say that this movie is not a very successful spoof or parody due to a meandering plot, somewhat aimless direction and jokes that miss more often than they hit the target. Still it was quite enjoyable in parts when the tropes and jokes worked.

  14. Tiago Inácio's rating of the film The Editor

    70s and 80s homage are truly fashionable these days. a giallo spoof that basically throws in all the ingredients that made these films, it's funny, gory, incoherent and disjointed and somehow not only is a beautiful love letter, makes fun of the genre silliness and manages to work. a giallo comedy that is a triumph. a must see for every fan of these films

  15. Cheila Sousa's rating of the film The Editor

    Good laugh. I have never been so confused in my entire life.

  16. dave gunn's rating of the film The Editor

    Visually stunning with masterful camerawork and excellent giallo-esque utilization of colors, outstanding practical effects and gore, and believe it or not, a pretty good story underneath the hilarious dialog and intentionally absurd scenes. You'll have fun catching the subtle tributes to films and directors from all over the horror genre. This is both a parody and an homage, and is triumphant as both.