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  1. Photo of Zoltán Korda

    Zoltán Korda Director

  2. Photo of Walter Reisch

    Walter Reisch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carl Boese

    Carl Boese Producer

  4. Photo of Pasquale Perris

    Pasquale Perris Music

  5. Photo of Paul Holzki

    Paul Holzki Cinematography

  6. Photo of Leopold Kutzleb

    Leopold Kutzleb Cinematography

  7. Photo of Max Knaake

    Max Knaake Production Design

  8. Photo of Gustav Fröhlich

    Gustav Fröhlich Cast

  9. Photo of Evelyn Holt

    Evelyn Holt Cast

  10. Photo of Lissy Arna

    Lissy Arna Cast

  11. Photo of Fritz Alberti

    Fritz Alberti Cast

  12. Photo of John Mylong

    John Mylong Cast

  13. Photo of Willi Forst

    Willi Forst Cast

  14. Photo of Harry Nestor

    Harry Nestor Cast

  15. Photo of Geza L. Weiss

    Geza L. Weiss Cast