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  1. Photo of Louis J. Gasnier

    Louis J. Gasnier Director

  2. Photo of George B. Seitz

    George B. Seitz Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Leopold Wharton

    Leopold Wharton Director and Producer

  4. Photo of Charles W. Goddard

    Charles W. Goddard Screenplay

  5. Photo of Basil Dickey

    Basil Dickey Screenplay

  6. Photo of Arthur B. Reeve

    Arthur B. Reeve Screenplay

  7. Photo of Pearl White

    Pearl White Cast

  8. Photo of Arnold Daly

    Arnold Daly Cast

  9. Photo of Creighton Hale

    Creighton Hale Cast

  10. Photo of Raymond Owens

    Raymond Owens Cast

  11. Photo of Leroy Baker

    Leroy Baker Cast

  12. Photo of Theodore Wharton

    Theodore Wharton Producer