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  1. P D Dawson's rating of the film The Fall

    A stunning film from Singh that feels natural in the two worlds it inhabits, both one of the imagination & one of the real world. These worlds eventually begin to meld together, at least for the immigrant girl it does, & she eventually becomes a part of the story. Just like in Singh's 'The Cell' in this film there is a fine line between which is more real, the imaginative dreams of the characters, or their reality.

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Fall

    Visually lush, it's a shame that the script disappoints here. You can't help but watch this and wonder how someone like Burton or Gilliam would have tweaked the material to improve things. It's also a shame that the main child performance is such a poor one. Lee Pace does well, but I encourage fans of Tarsem Singh to revisit and reappraise The Cell instead.

  3. mark's rating of the film The Fall

    etched in the memory

  4. Madoc's rating of the film The Fall

    Very enjoyable in a Terry Gilliam kind of way. The little girl is great.

  5. Katherine Lo's rating of the film The Fall

    Consistently entertaining - appreciate the colours, locations, and extravagance. Also particularly enjoyed the long shots. Everything looks epic as intended, but, unfortunately, the storyline lacks substance. However I must say Catinca Untaru makes a very genuine and believable character.

  6. Yvonx S's rating of the film The Fall

    Gaspworthy! The spinning, rewinding and spooling of surrealist fable set against exotic of places; iconic fortresses, palaces, ancient civilisations and wondrous natural landscapes. Only a rapier blade's width from the ridiculous, with a cast of elemental characters; from the mystic to the absurd. At the heart is a tiny girl with huge spirit battling to save the hero from his own fatalism. And those lavish costumes!

  7. LibertyCapz's rating of the film The Fall

    Undoubtedly impressive how this film manages to explore and present subjects such as a child's sense of wonder and colorful fantasy through the cinematic language. The whole look and feel of it is just so vibrant and playful! I think I probably would have loved this even more if I saw this when it came out though, considering I was 11 at the time. Definitely worth a watch!

  8. RupertCole's rating of the film The Fall

    Cinematic splendour and narrative magic. It helps to be swept up in it, but what a spectacle nonetheless!

  9. jurism's rating of the film The Fall

    Both main characters infuse the story with their emotional needs. A girl looking for father figure and man trying to cope with illness and abandonment. Film touches on limits and nature of imagination. Great camerawork.

  10. liljenzin's rating of the film The Fall

    Fantastic and lacking equal.

  11. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Fall

    Luscious cinematography.

  12. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film The Fall

    What a film! A story within a story, both tales are captivating for different reasons. In the hospital, the relationship between the main characters gradually develops, the little girl is great. And in the fantastical story, well, it's a real treat for the eyes. The costumes and settings are stunning. I watched it twice within 3 days, great both times. Never done that before. I could watch it again already. Wow.

  13. tinderness's rating of the film The Fall

    Wie man mit Bildern, Vorstellungen, Geschichten und Träumen im Kino jonglieren kann, zeigt dieser Film auf eindrucksvolle Weise. Nur noch übertroffen wird dieses kinematographische Feuerwerk von der eindrucksvollen Leistung der jungen Schauspielerin Catinca Untaru. Ich bin froh, daß es noch Filme wie diesen gibt und gratuliere zu dessen Auswahl hier auf MUBI.

  14. Mar Cel's rating of the film The Fall

    Sometimes a beautiful movie can not only be judged by its beautiful artistry of all kinds, but also by the content of the story, which, in this case, imo was tasteless.

  15. antoni.mink's rating of the film The Fall

  16. Hazzan's rating of the film The Fall

  17. Kenzozo's rating of the film The Fall

  18. Francisco's rating of the film The Fall

  19. Salma's rating of the film The Fall

    3.75. SO beautiful and it could have been one of my all time favorites BUT it just - needed - something - more - !

  20. gld48's rating of the film The Fall

    Mixed feelings - better than expected but still slightly childlike, not as Jodorowsky as first hyped. Still enjoyable. Would have looked great at the cinema instead of on this hunk of crap.

  21. luís debonoir's rating of the film The Fall

  22. Eli K's rating of the film The Fall

    After watching 'behind the scenes,' even more interesting facts appear: little girl, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), along with the whole crew except the director, for almost entire shooting process thought that Roy (Lee Pace) ACTUALLY COULD NOT walk – this information makes the film even greater.

  23. Pango's rating of the film The Fall

    One of my favourite film of all time. Without a doubt one of the most visually stunning.

  24. anarresti's rating of the film The Fall

    Nice. I want to see more of Tarsem Singh.

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