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  1. Photo of Robert Lepage

    Robert Lepage Director, Executive Producer, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Daniel Langlois

    Daniel Langlois Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Bob Krupinski

    Bob Krupinski Producer

  4. Photo of Mario St-Laurent

    Mario St-Laurent Producer

  5. Photo of Ronald Plante

    Ronald Plante Cinematography

  6. Photo of Anne-Marie Cadieux

    Anne-Marie Cadieux Cast

  7. Photo of Marco Poulin

    Marco Poulin Cast

  8. Photo of Céline Bonnier

    Céline Bonnier Cast

  9. Photo of Lorraine Côté

    Lorraine Côté Cast

  10. Photo of Philippe Gagnon

    Philippe Gagnon Editing

  11. Photo of Jean Le Bourdais

    Jean Le Bourdais Production Design

  12. Photo of Benoît Jutras

    Benoît Jutras Music

  13. Photo of Pierre Bouchard

    Pierre Bouchard Sound

  14. Photo of Louis Gignac

    Louis Gignac Sound

  15. Photo of Mario Rodrigue

    Mario Rodrigue Sound

  16. Photo of François B. Senneville

    François B. Senneville Sound