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New Brazilian Cinema
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The Fever

A Febre

Directed by Maya Da-Rin
Brazil, France, 2019
New Brazilian Cinema


Justino, an Indigenous widower in Brazil, lives his life according to set patterns. He works long shifts as a security guard, then returns to his family in the Amazon. His life becomes disrupted when his daughter wants to study medicine, manifesting itself in the form of a mysterious fever.

Our take

While making documentaries in the Amazon, Maya Da-Rin developed, over six years, the idea for this film. Indigenous people’s lives and beliefs are conveyed rather than exposed in this moving, hypnotic work about a father and his soon-departing daughter. Winner of the Best Actor Award at Locarno!

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Critics reviews

It’s clear that the documentarian, along with her peers such as Laura Huertas Millán and Affonso Uchôa, are evolving the form in an exciting way: workshopping with non-professional actors, innovating in storytelling and challenging our fields of perception and therefore our imagination.
August 14, 2019
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