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  1. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film The Future

  2. surgery-ethic's rating of the film The Future

    "It's human, it's human to feel superior to others and it's ok."

  3. muse_x's rating of the film The Future

  4. Superfrog's rating of the film The Future

    Interesting bits but I never was transported by the experience. I liked the lactating woman scene.

  5. Marv74br's rating of the film The Future

    There is no audio from 52 min ahead, is it a flaw or part of the movie?

  6. naokoken's rating of the film The Future

    "Deserted ruins with beautiful swimming pools" J.G. Ballard and Andy Warhol doing a homage to Alphaville and Donnie Darko, but it all takes place at a house party in the 1980's. "From Nigeria feeling hot and surrounded by mosquitoes, my transistor's out of batteries, send me lots of records." The future is mundane and ordinary. We are going to celebrate it. "Oh you, you should learn, oh you, the rules of the game."

  7. Laura Spencer's rating of the film The Future

    Experimental film that's probably missing context for most viewers - you feel like a loner at the party. Good to play on a big projector at your own party perhaps...

  8. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Future

    The Future cares more about remaining an affected film, highlighting its quirks and cleverness than constructing a narrative or providing any emotional heft to the piece as a whole. Hiding behind tricks of the camera and distorted music, the film does not generate a narrative or basing for why we are watching for far too long. I could easily have been drawn in by the cleverness, if only it was given any more weight.

  9. SexyShmonk's rating of the film The Future

    There's some style here with the home-movie vibes, the set and costume and those intentional editing mistakes, but that is far to less to keep one interrested in staring at people partying, talking without subtitles, and staring. It captures a certain mood quite well but thats about it. The exact same could have been accomplished in a 5-10 minute short film.

  10. Agustin Barrutia's rating of the film The Future

    Hice un esfuerzo por disfrutarla. Pero no funcionó. Lo entiendo como un ejercicio de un falso documental... Pero mas bien lo termino sintiendo como una fanfarroneria cinematográfica contemporanea. Muchas de estas en festivales "Independientes".

  11. Alfonso Osvaldo Ávila De León's rating of the film The Future

  12. Edward Morris's rating of the film The Future

  13. Nikola Enchev's rating of the film The Future

    I could film this with no planning, script or sense of aesthetic direction in any of the house parties I go to on a weekly basis and that is not a good thing.

  14. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film The Future

    An aggressively avant-garde ode to aesthetics — humanity's doomed, beautiful effort to stave off depression, entropy, mortality, nuclear annihilation, mutant children riding motorbikes, etc. All pleasure is superficial. Bold, stylish, and wonderfully sexy.

  15. Thom Slattery's rating of the film The Future

    Carrasco does an admirable job of portraying a particular time period in his country's history, one which I am sure would be more appealing for those who were there or are at least more invested personally. The style and direction is excellent, but I feel it would have been better as a 25 minute short. I gave it an extra star for the PHENOMENAL soundtrack.

  16. tangoletal's rating of the film The Future

    Insoportable. Tiene un sonido tan malo que no se les puede entender una sola palabra.

  17. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Future

    All tomorrows parties? Decidedly 80's in feel, not easy to decipher. Ace tunes

  18. corycorycorycory's rating of the film The Future

    On the filmmaking alone: There are a lot of great pieces here, especially as a "first" feature. The dude's got skill. I will be watching his next film just to see how he progresses in form. An IMDB review put it aptly when it said that this film needs cultural context to make sense. While I agree, I still think it's worth the hour for costume/scene design and the prowess of the "found footage" esthetic.

  19. Matt McManus's rating of the film The Future

    Gave it two stars for it's editing and style. Sadly that could only do so much.

  20. awarewolf's rating of the film The Future

    For some reason, the distillation of the image to be assisted by unruly, almost anarchic musical elements emphasises the complete youthful abandon of "the moment", so much so that the black holes of "the future" are as empty and void as they are in its harrowingly silent coda.

  21. dafne's rating of the film The Future

    An incredible director who uses minimal elements to create a dance of the vision in which social, political and sentimental references offer a view of the youth reality of the era. Because of the importance that the soundtrack could be a perfect and dilated 'truth' video clip. The absence of smart-phones in the interpersonal relationships makes this film even more romantic today.

  22. Omus's rating of the film The Future

    If 88:88 and Androids Dream had an older, slightly more responsible sister, she would be The Future. And their classy aunt whom they seldom see would be Burning Bush. I kept waiting for the Hitman from Androids to show up and start blasting fools.

  23. Oneb's rating of the film The Future

    A post-coup contemptuous hedonistic love letter in the future to the re-imagined past of the generation of the filmmaker's parents. Possibly exploring the awareness of the disappointment at the transient nature of life.

  24. Dries's rating of the film The Future

    affibiategli pure tutti i significati che vi pare ma per me sto film è na rottura de cojoni per hipsterini infottati con la politica. La semi-scimmiottatura finale a quel capolavoro de ''L'eclisse'' poi è inconcepibile. Salvo solo un paio di pezzi della soundtrack e qualche trovata registica perchè il resto è nulla allo stato puro

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