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The Maidens of Fetish Street
The Maidens of Fetish Street
906 Ratings


One-of-a-kind “experimental grindhouse” film (and the sole effort by director Saul Resnick) is a series of kinky vignettes centered around a lonely, wandering soul, purportedly set in a 1928 Los Angeles that seems curiously infused with 1960s S&M iconography.

Our take

Saul Resnick’s sole film is a quirky quickie ripe with sexploitation sleaze. An experimental grindhouse with an avant-garde streak, The Maidens of Fetish Street perversely plays with early 60s S&M iconography and off-the-cuff quips in 20s L.A. It’s quick, it’s freaky, and it’s a lot of fun too!