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  1. Photo of Michael Ritchie

    Michael Ritchie Director

  2. Photo of Charles R. Meeker

    Charles R. Meeker Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Richard Tienken

    Richard Tienken Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Robert D. Wachs

    Robert D. Wachs Producer

  5. Photo of Edward S. Feldman

    Edward S. Feldman Producer

  6. Photo of Dennis Feldman

    Dennis Feldman Screenplay

  7. Photo of Donald E. Thorin

    Donald E. Thorin Cinematography

  8. Photo of Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy Cast

  9. Photo of Charlotte Lewis

    Charlotte Lewis Cast

  10. Photo of Charles Dance

    Charles Dance Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Wong

    Victor Wong Cast

  12. Photo of J.L. Reate

    J.L. Reate Cast

  13. Photo of Randall "Tex" Cobb

    Randall "Tex" Cobb Cast

  14. Photo of James Hong

    James Hong Cast

  15. Photo of Shakti Chen

    Shakti Chen Cast

  16. Photo of Tau Logo

    Tau Logo Cast

  17. Photo of Tiger Chung Lee

    Tiger Chung Lee Cast

  18. Photo of Pons Maar

    Pons Maar Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Kwong

    Peter Kwong Cast

  20. Photo of Wally Taylor

    Wally Taylor Cast

  21. Photo of Eric Douglas

    Eric Douglas Cast

  22. Photo of Charles Levin

    Charles Levin Cast

  23. Photo of Richard A. Harris

    Richard A. Harris Editing

  24. Photo of J. Michael Riva

    J. Michael Riva Production Design

  25. Photo of Michel Colombier

    Michel Colombier Music

  26. Photo of Greg Agalsoff

    Greg Agalsoff Sound

  27. Photo of Wayne A. Finkelman

    Wayne A. Finkelman Costume Design