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  1. Photo of Gianfranco Baldanello

    Gianfranco Baldanello Director

  2. Photo of John Fonseca

    John Fonseca Screenplay

  3. Photo of Elliot Geisinger

    Elliot Geisinger Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Juan Logar

    Juan Logar Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jesús Rodríguez

    Jesús Rodríguez Screenplay

  6. Photo of Jack London

    Jack London Novel

  7. Photo of Jack Palance

    Jack Palance Cast

  8. Photo of Joan Collins

    Joan Collins Cast

  9. Photo of Elisabetta Virgili

    Elisabetta Virgili Cast

  10. Photo of Manuel de Blas

    Manuel de Blas Cast

  11. Photo of Fernando E. Romero

    Fernando E. Romero Cast

  12. Photo of Remo De Angelis

    Remo De Angelis Cast

  13. Photo of Ricardo Palacios

    Ricardo Palacios Cast

  14. Photo of Attilio Dottesio

    Attilio Dottesio Cast

  15. Photo of José Canalejas

    José Canalejas Cast

  16. Photo of José F. Aguayo hijo

    José F. Aguayo hijo Cinematography

  17. Photo of Stelvio Cipriani

    Stelvio Cipriani Music

  18. Photo of Joseph Allegro

    Joseph Allegro Producer

  19. Photo of Francesco Bertuccioli

    Francesco Bertuccioli Editing