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  1. Photo of Rachel Roberts

    Rachel Roberts Cast

  2. Photo of Andrew Niccol

    Andrew Niccol Director, Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ray Angelic

    Ray Angelic Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Claudia Bluemhuber

    Claudia Bluemhuber Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Marc Butan

    Marc Butan Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Uwe Feuersenger

    Uwe Feuersenger Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson Executive Producer

  8. Photo of John Brooks Klingenbeck

    John Brooks Klingenbeck Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Jim Seibel

    Jim Seibel Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Nick Wechsler

    Nick Wechsler Producer

  11. Photo of Paula Mae Schwartz

    Paula Mae Schwartz Producer

  12. Photo of Steve Schwartz

    Steve Schwartz Producer

  13. Photo of Stephenie Meyer

    Stephenie Meyer Screenplay, Producer

  14. Photo of Roberto Schaefer

    Roberto Schaefer Cinematography

  15. Photo of Saoirse Ronan

    Saoirse Ronan Cast

  16. Photo of Jake Abel

    Jake Abel Cast

  17. Photo of Max Irons

    Max Irons Cast

  18. Photo of Chandler Canterbury

    Chandler Canterbury Cast

  19. Photo of Frances Fisher

    Frances Fisher Cast

  20. Photo of Diane Kruger

    Diane Kruger Cast

  21. Photo of William Hurt

    William Hurt Cast

  22. Photo of Boyd Holbrook

    Boyd Holbrook Cast

  23. Photo of Scott Lawrence

    Scott Lawrence Cast

  24. Photo of Lee Hardee

    Lee Hardee Cast

  25. Photo of Phil Austin

    Phil Austin Cast

  26. Photo of Raeden Greer

    Raeden Greer Cast

  27. Photo of Alexandria Morrow

    Alexandria Morrow Cast

  28. Photo of Emily Browning

    Emily Browning Cast

  29. Photo of Alex Russell

    Alex Russell Cast

  30. Photo of Thomas J. Nordberg

    Thomas J. Nordberg Editing

  31. Photo of Andy Nicholson

    Andy Nicholson Production Design

  32. Photo of Beat Frutiger

    Beat Frutiger Production Design

  33. Photo of António Pinto

    António Pinto Music

  34. Photo of Erin Benach

    Erin Benach Costume Design