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  1. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film The Inheritance

  2. Korhan Kalabalık's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Vasat bir dram. Paranın getirdiği huzursuzluk algısı çok sıradan bir şekilde işlenmiş; fakat Christoffer'ın Fransız hizmetçiye tecavüz girişimi sahnesi bence filmin kilit sahnesi. Kadının ağlayışları, çığlıkları ve Christoffer'ın pardon, pardon diyerek verdiği bir tomar parayı ağlayarak alışı ve kadrajdan çıkışı idi benim için film.

  3. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film The Inheritance

    this film is a combination of upper class' problems with relationship between money and happiness . It is not shocking movie for me . Because it is not interesting or special for me . I have seen ulrich thomsen 3 times in mubi ... maybe I got tired of watching him...anyway he is a good actor. there is bad cinematography but good actings makes this film watchable.

  4. Zepo's rating of the film The Inheritance

    El dinero y el poder sobre todas las cosas. La vida alrededor de Christoffer (Ulrich Thomsen) se va desmoronando por la fuerte atracción que ejerce la madre sobre él hasta el punto de romper su relación con casi todos los que le rodean. Metraje con buen ritmo y buenas actuaciones. Una dicotomía que desmembra los sentimientos humanos.

  5. Ricardo Corona M's rating of the film The Inheritance

    La herencia para Christoffer termina siendo una vida carente de emociones, realizando algo que en el fondo no le gusta y completamente solo, lo peor para él es que sabe como sería su vida en caso de no aceptar la empresa familiar. Excelente película.

  6. Buddy Love's rating of the film The Inheritance

    With wealth and power to maintain the void is constant. There are no happy endings.

  7. db's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Looking for a happy ending is not my usual thing, but during this lovely movie, I found myself several times talking to the film, wishing the characters to rethink their actions. Although I would have preferred the aforesaid happy ending, I loved this movie nonetheless.

  8. mariofelipev's rating of the film The Inheritance

    A deep and intense experience. The journey of a man deep down into the abyss of nothingness. I strongly recomend it.

  9. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Inheritance

    The journey away from the heart through duty, venality mischief and finally grief, into nothing

  10. AlPacino's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Strong emotions Reminder that life is not about power and wealth , but the simple pleasures like time together and family and peace of mind. Maria is a gem

  11. mgaspa's rating of the film The Inheritance

  12. Ma*Lu*Ge*'s rating of the film The Inheritance

    Very good nordic movie, very better than "millenium-saga" trash.

  13. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film The Inheritance

    It's a glimpse inside of a rich Danish family day-to-day life. Also deals with the business world and how it's modus operandi interfere in the executive lives. Maria takes beauty and charm into this very cold and blue film.

  14. Javier's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Solid acting and camerawork but ultimately empty narrative lacking any feeling or compassion. I know, these were the primary traits of the leading character but the narrative, and the ending left me thoroughly unsatisfied. 'Time Out' by Laurent Cantet is comparable and a much better film.

  15. crystal meff's rating of the film The Inheritance

  16. Hammerfoot's rating of the film The Inheritance

    A well directed study of the power of wealth and the importance of blood relations and the illogical decisions people make to keep both. The movie touches on ageism and the savage attitude of the wealthy to keep what they already have no matter what the cost.

  17. Cheryl's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Ulrich Thomsen brings so much to his roles (and I'm not talking about the Hollywood ones). This story is about a happily married man who forfeits it all to do the "right thing" for his nuclear family. The matriarch (his mother) is a fascinating character to behold too - cold, hard, and ruthless. Great film.

  18. Walter Siuda's rating of the film The Inheritance

  19. Michael Goetz's rating of the film The Inheritance

    The Inheritance is a tritely moralistic tale of a man who gains the world and loses his soul. But he doesn't do anything indictable: he takes over the indebted family business and has to lay people off to save it, which he does. As existential crises go, this is pretty weak broth. To say nothing of the dodginess of watching a man brought low by the conflicting imperatives of the various woman in his life.

  20. klofter's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Gripping from beginning to end. A sometimes cliched tale about the corrupting power of wealth and how money pushes you away from your core humanity. But the cliches here simply underline how utterly true most of the film rings. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, it just holds up a mirror and watches the gut wrenching drama unfold. Superb.

  21. Joshua Sklar's rating of the film The Inheritance

    Fly has a number of plot points to hit, and he does-- But that's about it. It is indifferently shot, for the most part. Fly has one neat compositional trick, creating artificial frames with vertical lines intersecting the frame, but he doesn't get too much mileage out of it. Christoffer's actions don't seem to be that of an organically created character--They just fulfill a certain narrative agenda. Not recommended.

  22. Nancy Stark's rating of the film The Inheritance

    I'm kindof a sucker for the diffident, tortured Scandinavians. The mom was portrayed as the villain of the piece, & her son's capitulations remained true to form throughout. A happy ending in Stockholm would have spoiled the character study.

  23. Ethan's rating of the film The Inheritance

    A harsh film about family and loyalty and the fucked up things we do to preserve both.

  24. El Biffo's rating of the film The Inheritance

    An intimate character study of a total jerk, the kind that passes for an upstanding guy if you weren't following him around with a camera day and night. In the spirit of Vinterberg's "The Celebration" (1998), the Danish are so good at these kinds of films that expose "good, decent people" for the assholes you always knew they were but needed evidence to prove , or no one would believe it.

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