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  1. Photo of Martin Šulík

    Martin Šulík Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Peter Simonischek

    Peter Simonischek Cast

  3. Photo of Jiří Menzel

    Jiří Menzel Cast

  4. Photo of Zuzana Mauréry

    Zuzana Mauréry Cast

  5. Photo of Anita Szvrcsek

    Anita Szvrcsek Cast

  6. Photo of Anna Rakovská

    Anna Rakovská Cast

  7. Photo of Eva Kramerová

    Eva Kramerová Cast

  8. Photo of Réka Derzsi

    Réka Derzsi Cast

  9. Photo of Attila Mokos

    Attila Mokos Cast

  10. Photo of Karol Šimon

    Karol Šimon Cast

  11. Photo of Igor Hrabinský

    Igor Hrabinský Cast

  12. Photo of Martin Štrba

    Martin Štrba Cinematography

  13. Photo of Vladimír Godár

    Vladimír Godár Music

  14. Photo of František Lipták

    František Lipták Production Design

  15. Photo of Rudolf Biermann

    Rudolf Biermann Producer

  16. Photo of Bruno Wagner

    Bruno Wagner Producer

  17. Photo of Mirka Grimaldi

    Mirka Grimaldi Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Olga Kaufmanová

    Olga Kaufmanová Editing

  19. Photo of Klaus Kellermann

    Klaus Kellermann Sound