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  1. Photo of Johan Jacobsen

    Johan Jacobsen Director

  2. Photo of Knud Sønderby

    Knud Sønderby Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tage Nielsen

    Tage Nielsen Producer

  4. Photo of Kai Møller

    Kai Møller Music

  5. Photo of Karl Andersson

    Karl Andersson Cinematography

  6. Photo of Rudolf Frederiksen

    Rudolf Frederiksen Cinematography

  7. Photo of Edith Schlüssel

    Edith Schlüssel Editing

  8. Photo of Erik Aaes

    Erik Aaes Production Design

  9. Photo of Bent Høyer

    Bent Høyer Sound

  10. Photo of Erik Rasmussen

    Erik Rasmussen Sound

  11. Photo of Bodil Kjer

    Bodil Kjer Cast

  12. Photo of Ebbe Rode

    Ebbe Rode Cast

  13. Photo of Mogens Wieth

    Mogens Wieth Cast

  14. Photo of Maria Garland

    Maria Garland Cast

  15. Photo of Poul Müller

    Poul Müller Cast

  16. Photo of Asbjørn Andersen

    Asbjørn Andersen Cast

  17. Photo of Henry Nielsen

    Henry Nielsen Cast

  18. Photo of Jakob Nielsen

    Jakob Nielsen Cast

  19. Photo of Ole Monty

    Ole Monty Cast

  20. Photo of Svend Methling

    Svend Methling Cast

  21. Photo of Lau Lauritzen

    Lau Lauritzen Cast

  22. Photo of Edvin Tiemroth

    Edvin Tiemroth Cast

  23. Photo of Buster Larsen

    Buster Larsen Cast

  24. Photo of Kjeld Petersen

    Kjeld Petersen Cast

  25. Photo of Kjeld Jacobsen

    Kjeld Jacobsen Cast

  26. Photo of Preben Mahrt

    Preben Mahrt Cast

  27. Photo of Gyrd Løfquist

    Gyrd Løfquist Cast

  28. Photo of Karl Jørgensen

    Karl Jørgensen Cast

  29. Photo of Steen Gregers

    Steen Gregers Cast

  30. Photo of Valdemar Skjerning

    Valdemar Skjerning Cast

  31. Photo of Ellen Margrethe Stein

    Ellen Margrethe Stein Cast

  32. Photo of Sigurd Langberg

    Sigurd Langberg Cast

  33. Photo of Aage Foss

    Aage Foss Cast

  34. Photo of Carl Johan Hviid

    Carl Johan Hviid Cast

  35. Photo of Poul Reichhardt

    Poul Reichhardt Cast