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  1. Photo of Dick Lowry

    Dick Lowry Director

  2. Photo of Loni Anderson

    Loni Anderson Cast

  3. Photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Cast

  4. Photo of Ray Buktenica

    Ray Buktenica Cast

  5. Photo of Kathleen Lloyd

    Kathleen Lloyd Cast

  6. Photo of G.D. Spradlin

    G.D. Spradlin Cast

  7. Photo of Dave Shelley

    Dave Shelley Cast

  8. Photo of Laura Jacoby

    Laura Jacoby Cast

  9. Photo of Whitney Rydbeck

    Whitney Rydbeck Cast

  10. Photo of John Medici

    John Medici Cast

  11. Photo of Lewis Arquette

    Lewis Arquette Cast

  12. Photo of James Jeter

    James Jeter Cast

  13. Photo of Janice Kent

    Janice Kent Cast

  14. Photo of Lynn Seibel

    Lynn Seibel Cast

  15. Photo of Gwen Van Dam

    Gwen Van Dam Cast

  16. Photo of Joan Welles

    Joan Welles Cast

  17. Photo of Buck Young

    Buck Young Cast

  18. Photo of David Hunt Stafford

    David Hunt Stafford Cast

  19. Photo of Kathy Beaudine

    Kathy Beaudine Cast

  20. Photo of Nora Boland

    Nora Boland Cast

  21. Photo of Cynthia Szigeti

    Cynthia Szigeti Cast

  22. Photo of Lawrence Bame

    Lawrence Bame Cast

  23. Photo of Charles Parks

    Charles Parks Cast

  24. Photo of Len Lawson

    Len Lawson Cast

  25. Photo of J.P. Bumstead

    J.P. Bumstead Cast

  26. Photo of Elizabeth Gardner

    Elizabeth Gardner Cast

  27. Photo of Frank Holmgren

    Frank Holmgren Cast

  28. Photo of Robb Madrid

    Robb Madrid Cast

  29. Photo of William Ward

    William Ward Cast

  30. Photo of Martha Saxton

    Martha Saxton Screenplay

  31. Photo of Charles Dennis

    Charles Dennis Screenplay

  32. Photo of Nancy Gayle

    Nancy Gayle Screenplay

  33. Photo of Steven Karpf

    Steven Karpf Screenplay

  34. Photo of Elinor Karpf

    Elinor Karpf Screenplay

  35. Photo of Joan Barnett

    Joan Barnett Producer

  36. Photo of Gary Credle

    Gary Credle Producer

  37. Photo of Tom Kuhn

    Tom Kuhn Executive Producer

  38. Photo of Alan Landsburg

    Alan Landsburg Producer

  39. Photo of Linda Otto

    Linda Otto Producer

  40. Photo of Jimmie Haskell

    Jimmie Haskell Music

  41. Photo of Paul Lohmann

    Paul Lohmann Cinematography

  42. Photo of Corky Ehlers

    Corky Ehlers Editing

  43. Photo of James Beshears

    James Beshears Sound