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  1. Photo of Helma Sanders-Brahms

    Helma Sanders-Brahms Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mascha Rabben

    Mascha Rabben Cast

  3. Photo of Matthias Fuchs

    Matthias Fuchs Cast

  4. Photo of Ernst Jacobi

    Ernst Jacobi Cast

  5. Photo of Consuela Neal

    Consuela Neal Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Roggisch

    Peter Roggisch Cast

  7. Photo of Alfred Edel

    Alfred Edel Cast

  8. Photo of Jörg Schleicher

    Jörg Schleicher Cast

  9. Photo of Ulrich Radke

    Ulrich Radke Cast

  10. Photo of Dieter Borsche

    Dieter Borsche Cast

  11. Photo of Ellen Umlauf

    Ellen Umlauf Cast

  12. Photo of Edgar M. Böhlke

    Edgar M. Böhlke Cast

  13. Photo of Sigi Graue

    Sigi Graue Cast

  14. Photo of Lothar Hannes

    Lothar Hannes Cast

  15. Photo of Alfred Heinlein

    Alfred Heinlein Cast

  16. Photo of Günther Heinlein

    Günther Heinlein Cast

  17. Photo of Janis Kiriakidis

    Janis Kiriakidis Cast

  18. Photo of Hans Kresnik

    Hans Kresnik Cast

  19. Photo of Rainer Langhans

    Rainer Langhans Cast

  20. Photo of Magdalena Montezuma

    Magdalena Montezuma Cast

  21. Photo of Charles Wilp

    Charles Wilp Cast

  22. Photo of Dietrich Lohmann

    Dietrich Lohmann Cinematography

  23. Photo of Irmin Schmidt

    Irmin Schmidt Music

  24. Photo of Volker Canaris

    Volker Canaris Producer

  25. Photo of Hannes Nikel

    Hannes Nikel Editing