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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Stefano Luzzatto's rating of the film The Last Summer

    Absolutely amazing what you can do with a low budget and a handful of teenage actors. Beautifully shot, very well constructed plot and very well acted. What initially is just a random bunch of characters all settles into a set relationship in a way that could seem artificial but the film makes it seems just so completely natural. The very last scene of Erik's expression when his parents get back is just genius.

  2. Beatrice's rating of the film The Last Summer

    A breath of fresh air! Great acting and clever setting.

  3. albertofarina's rating of the film The Last Summer

    Although characters aren't as fleshed out as they might, director Joost Wijnant's first feature (expanding and developing his earlier short by the same title) more than makes up for this in atmosphere - thanks to a well chosen cast and, even more notably, carefully planned in depth frame compositions. The original short is available here: