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  1. Photo of Marcel L'Herbier

    Marcel L'Herbier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luigi Pirandello

    Luigi Pirandello Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jimmy Berliet

    Jimmy Berliet Cinematography

  4. Photo of Fédote Bourgasoff

    Fédote Bourgasoff Cinematography

  5. Photo of Paul Guichard

    Paul Guichard Cinematography

  6. Photo of René Guichard

    René Guichard Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jean Letort

    Jean Letort Cinematography

  8. Photo of Nikolas Roudakoff

    Nikolas Roudakoff Cinematography

  9. Photo of Ivan Mozzhukhin

    Ivan Mozzhukhin Cast

  10. Photo of Marcelle Pradot

    Marcelle Pradot Cast

  11. Photo of Michel Simon

    Michel Simon Cast

  12. Photo of Lois Moran

    Lois Moran Cast

  13. Photo of Marthe Mellot

    Marthe Mellot Cast

  14. Photo of Irma Perrot

    Irma Perrot Cast

  15. Photo of Isaure Douvan

    Isaure Douvan Cast

  16. Photo of Solange Sicard

    Solange Sicard Cast

  17. Photo of Pauline Carton

    Pauline Carton Cast

  18. Photo of J.E. Szyfer

    J.E. Szyfer Music