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  1. Photo of Jim Goddard

    Jim Goddard Director

  2. Photo of Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Edgar

    David Edgar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roger Rees

    Roger Rees Cast

  5. Photo of David Threfall

    David Threfall Cast

  6. Photo of Alun Armstrong

    Alun Armstrong Cast

  7. Photo of Suzanne Bertish

    Suzanne Bertish Cast

  8. Photo of Janet Dale

    Janet Dale Cast

  9. Photo of Jane Downs

    Jane Downs Cast

  10. Photo of Cathryn Harrison

    Cathryn Harrison Cast

  11. Photo of Lila Kaye

    Lila Kaye Cast

  12. Photo of John McEnery

    John McEnery Cast

  13. Photo of Bob Peck

    Bob Peck Cast

  14. Photo of Edward Petherbridge

    Edward Petherbridge Cast

  15. Photo of Emily Richard

    Emily Richard Cast

  16. Photo of Thelma Whiteley

    Thelma Whiteley Cast

  17. Photo of John Woodvine

    John Woodvine Cast

  18. Photo of Christopher Benjamin

    Christopher Benjamin Cast

  19. Photo of Sharon Bower

    Sharon Bower Cast

  20. Photo of Jeffery Dench

    Jeffery Dench Cast

  21. Photo of Ian East

    Ian East Cast

  22. Photo of Nicholas Gecks

    Nicholas Gecks Cast

  23. Photo of Alan Gill

    Alan Gill Cast

  24. Photo of Patrick Godfrey

    Patrick Godfrey Cast

  25. Photo of Lucy Gutteridge

    Lucy Gutteridge Cast

  26. Photo of Andrew Hawkins

    Andrew Hawkins Cast

  27. Photo of Rose Hill

    Rose Hill Cast

  28. Photo of Roderick Horn

    Roderick Horn Cast

  29. Photo of Griffith Jones

    Griffith Jones Cast

  30. Photo of Teddy Kempner

    Teddy Kempner Cast

  31. Photo of Shirley King

    Shirley King Cast

  32. Photo of William Maxwell

    William Maxwell Cast

  33. Photo of Ian McNeice

    Ian McNeice Cast

  34. Photo of David Lloyd Meredith

    David Lloyd Meredith Cast

  35. Photo of Sally Nesbitt

    Sally Nesbitt Cast

  36. Photo of Clyde Pollitt

    Clyde Pollitt Cast

  37. Photo of Stephen Rashbrook

    Stephen Rashbrook Cast

  38. Photo of Christopher Ravenscroft

    Christopher Ravenscroft Cast

  39. Photo of Hubert Rees

    Hubert Rees Cast

  40. Photo of Mark Tandy

    Mark Tandy Cast

  41. Photo of Hilary Townley

    Hilary Townley Cast

  42. Photo of Peter Ustinov

    Peter Ustinov Cast

  43. Photo of Tony Imi

    Tony Imi Cinematography

  44. Photo of Stephen Oliver

    Stephen Oliver Music

  45. Photo of John Napier

    John Napier Production Design

  46. Photo of Colin Callender

    Colin Callender Producer

  47. Photo of Terry Bennell

    Terry Bennell Editing