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628 Ratings

The Loved Ones

Directed by Sean Byrne
Australia, 2009
Horror, Thriller


When Brent turns down his classmate Lola’s invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge.

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The Loved Ones Directed by Sean Byrne

What are people saying?

  • J. O.'s rating of the film The Loved Ones

    There's lots of fun to be found in the bloody twist on teen movie melodrama. The downside is that the director seems to take this very seriously and never really develops a sense of humour amidst the fun. Good performances, despite underdeveloped characters. Nice, colourful camera work, despite being too still and awkward at times. Overall, worth the watch, but not a repeat viewing.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    If John Hughes had directed "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," it...well, it would probably have been a pretty messed up movie. This isn't quite that level of deranged but the director seems to be aiming for a mash-up of those styles. The 85 minute runtime means the film is hard pressed to make an impression and if Robin McLeavy comes across as more of a nuisance than a serial killer - hey, at least she's pretty in pink.

  • film_lies101's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    Here we have an entry into the so-called "torture porn" I actually liked. Having characters you like and care about helps *hint hint* The filmmaker also has fun and satirizes the material not unlike films like SAW or Hostel. Who take what do way too seriously and feature characters you don't give a fuck about, so seeing them brutalized really becomes tedious and boring.

  • Risya's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    Sadistic Australian-made horror slasher with a nice air of unpredictability to it. Considering its small budget, this is a slick looking film. With bright pink colors and cheery music mixes with blood and guts are a perfect counterpoint. It made the pink color, SCARY! The violence was shown just above the minimal which then adds to the realism of the film. Lots of suspense and fun with a morbid sense of humour.

  • Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    This was completely unexpected. Australian horror does it again. Almost masterful pacing, sick, twisted, insanely good tension, great soundtrack through and through. I haven't rooted for a protagonist this much in a long time. The goth girl suplot is genius in its both relief of tension and subversion of how (bad) horror movies put all the focus on the main action. Just really good. And in only 80 minutes? Wow.

  • CarlosEsquives's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    "The loved ones" hace una evocación directa "La masacre en Texas". El despertar de la víctima en la cabecera de una mesa de hay que haber visto esa película para no darse cuenta. Lo demás, gore gore gore, nada miedo y alguito de tensión.

  • Adam Moody's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    Sean Byrne's slick Australian horror film puts a shockingly violent twist on teen drama tropes. Suffers from taking itself too seriously and never really developing a sense of humor, but it is impressively made.

  • pivic's rating of the film The Loved Ones

    This was a nice surprise: a new, truly modern horror film where violence is displayed in detailed, yet manages to pull everything into place. The female lead is acted supremely, and as a whole, this film is quite scary and altogether well made. Kudos!