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  1. Photo of Manfred Purzer

    Manfred Purzer Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of George Saiko

    George Saiko Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Sorel

    Jean Sorel Cast

  4. Photo of Erika Pluhar

    Erika Pluhar Cast

  5. Photo of Nathalie Delon

    Nathalie Delon Cast

  6. Photo of Bernhard Wicki

    Bernhard Wicki Cast

  7. Photo of Heinrich Schweiger

    Heinrich Schweiger Cast

  8. Photo of Kurt Weinzierl

    Kurt Weinzierl Cast

  9. Photo of Karl Renar

    Karl Renar Cast

  10. Photo of Heinz Bennent

    Heinz Bennent Cast

  11. Photo of Tilo Prückner

    Tilo Prückner Cast

  12. Photo of Rudolf Schündler

    Rudolf Schündler Cast

  13. Photo of Franz Gary

    Franz Gary Cast

  14. Photo of Elisabeth Stepanek

    Elisabeth Stepanek Cast

  15. Photo of Fritz Goblirsch

    Fritz Goblirsch Cast

  16. Photo of Harry Hornisch

    Harry Hornisch Cast

  17. Photo of Konrad Jank

    Konrad Jank Cast

  18. Photo of Erik Frey

    Erik Frey Cast

  19. Photo of Otto Clemens

    Otto Clemens Cast

  20. Photo of Charly Steinberger

    Charly Steinberger Cinematography

  21. Photo of Erich Ferstl

    Erich Ferstl Music

  22. Photo of Peter Rothe

    Peter Rothe Production Design

  23. Photo of Luggi Waldleitner

    Luggi Waldleitner Producer

  24. Photo of Peter Przygodda

    Peter Przygodda Editing