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  1. Photo of Brian Desmond Hurst

    Brian Desmond Hurst Director

  2. Photo of W.P. Lipscomb

    W.P. Lipscomb Producer

  3. Photo of Joseph Shearing

    Joseph Shearing Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francis Crowdy

    Francis Crowdy Screenplay

  5. Photo of Christianna Brand

    Christianna Brand Screenplay

  6. Photo of Erwin Hillier

    Erwin Hillier Cinematography

  7. Photo of Sidney Stone

    Sidney Stone Editing

  8. Photo of Alex Vetchinsky

    Alex Vetchinsky Production Design

  9. Photo of Bernard Stevens

    Bernard Stevens Music

  10. Photo of Eric Portman

    Eric Portman Cast

  11. Photo of Sally Gray

    Sally Gray Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Holt

    Patrick Holt Cast

  13. Photo of Dermot Walsh

    Dermot Walsh Cast

  14. Photo of Denis O'Dea

    Denis O'Dea Cast

  15. Photo of Edward Lexy

    Edward Lexy Cast

  16. Photo of Thérèse Giehse

    Thérèse Giehse Cast

  17. Photo of Maureen Delaney

    Maureen Delaney Cast

  18. Photo of Helen Cherry

    Helen Cherry Cast

  19. Photo of Vida Hope

    Vida Hope Cast

  20. Photo of Janet Kay

    Janet Kay Cast

  21. Photo of James Hayter

    James Hayter Cast

  22. Photo of Helen Goss

    Helen Goss Cast

  23. Photo of Beryl Measor

    Beryl Measor Cast

  24. Photo of Andrew Cruickshank

    Andrew Cruickshank Cast

  25. Photo of John Warren

    John Warren Cast

  26. Photo of Miles Malleson

    Miles Malleson Cast