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  1. Juan Javier's rating of the film The Scoundrel

  2. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    This is funny! Really the only thing it has going for it, bc the story itself is not all that great or entirely believable to be honest. This is the Belmondo show, as he carries the film with his lightheartedly self effacing brand of comedy. Great versatile actor. I don't think I will be craning my neck to rewatch anytime soon, but it was a fun time passer. Recommended. 3 stars

  3. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Very farcical and a bit of a swashbuckling love romp. Set during one of those crazy French Revolutionary times. You've got the one dude who's just a "scoundrel" who seems very nonchalant about everything. He's just bopping around through life, fighting folks off with pitchforks, swords and - at times - hay. Kind of the Errol Flynn of Revolutionary France. It's light and silly and slightly enjoyable. Nothing more.

  4. NovaCayne's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    It was kinda funny, however it didn't suit my fancy that well. The scenes were directed well, but fell off a little in the story department, because it was a little hard for me to piece some things together. As an advocate for story in films and other forms of entertainment, I think that the story in all universes should be apparent and clear.

  5. Michael Schmidt's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Supremely ridiculous. Loads of fun. A nice diversion.

  6. koolacct's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Lots of quality hullabaloo fist fighting

  7. msmichel's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Ok Belmondo vehicle that marked the second film by Jean-Paul Rappeneau. With tongue firmly placed in cheek throughout this tale of an ex-pat Frenchman coming back to post Revolution France to divorce his wife (or fall back in love with her) is a lark...a trifle... a petit farce. Makes up in charm what it lacks in depth.

  8. Gaurav Singhmar's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Midway between good cinema and a fart.

  9. gadichon's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Un bon navet d'un dimanche soir de 1976. À voir pour les cascades de Belmondo, la classe de Sami Frey et la beauté de Laura Antonelli. Le casting est amusant avec pas mal de grands acteurs dans des tout petits rôles. Le scénario est faiblard. La photo un peu ancienne, mais l'action est quand même bien rythmée.

  10. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    3,8/5 Un pur divertissement bien senti, bien rythmé et qui a plutôt bien vieilli. Aucune prétention, juste de l'efficacité. Belmondo, de Godard à De Broca, de Resnais à Rappeneau nous régale toujours, autant que les bambous pour les pandas.

  11. Muriel's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Rappeneau has had a slow career but boy, aren't his movies fast. Old-fashioned caper where, comme d'habitude, Belmondo runs, jumps, swims, fences, punches and kisses effortlessly, yet his performance is rather stiff compared to his supple turns for De Broca. The French revolution serves as background to some very un-pc views on sex and marriage, all very 70s. And Patrick Dewaere pops up! (blink and you'll miss him)

  12. Olivier Serafinowicz's rating of the film The Scoundrel

  13. catherine carrot's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    ce navet a très mal vielli !!! la musique de michel legrand est d'une lourdeur indigeste et le scénario soporifiquement faiblard . Marlène jobert joue super mal comme toujours et belmondo fait du bel mondo ...

  14. Bastien G.'s rating of the film The Scoundrel

  15. GromD's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Belmondo court toujours

  16. FISCHER's rating of the film The Scoundrel

    Réalisation correcte, jeux d'acteurs corrects, divertissement correct, tout est costumé et parfait, mais le vrai cinéma, celui qui fait vibrer, rêvé, se passe ailleurs...