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  1. Crina Cătălina's rating of the film The Matrix

  2. pierce.giurintano's rating of the film The Matrix

    This sci-fi/thriller from the early 2000's has become a sort of fan favorite and introduction into the science fiction genre for many others because of its immense popularity. I thoroughly enjoy this movie's deep dive into the paradoxes that we as humans face and solve every day of our lives. This movies director(s) Lana and Lilly Wachoowskis did an excellent job in the story telling aspect of this film and favorite.

  3. Richmond Hill's rating of the film The Matrix

    Is it police state pageantry or dopey dystopia? Either way a well spring of modern alternative political speak and text book conspiracy theory lore. Perhaps the Metropolis of it's era, in pellets of prophecy if not scale, it has a relatively thoughtful core beneath the surface acrobatics which is usually missing in most of it's genre relatives.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film The Matrix

    Every so often a film comes along that redefines the sci-fi genre for another generation. 'The Matrix' was one of those films marrying the worlds of cypher punk, science fiction and Hong Kong style martial arts aided by excellent storytelling and ground breaking visual effects. The Wachowski siblings delivered a film of its times that stands up well near two decades later.

  5. Avenca's rating of the film The Matrix

    You give me that "juris-my-dick-tion" crap, you can cram it up your ass

  6. spasmolytic's rating of the film The Matrix

  7. Beatriz Isidro's rating of the film The Matrix

  8. Didier Pigeon-Perreault's rating of the film The Matrix

  9. Bob's rating of the film The Matrix

    It feels like the characters are non synchronized with emotional development of the story, which results in absence of any catharsis once or ever. And still it does feels like the catharsis was the whole point of the movie. Keanu Reeves seems non invested in a character that serves his purpose only as a plot device, while the rest of the cast is strong enough to compensate the lack of the real hero. Over-appreciated.

  10. Doe Deer's rating of the film The Matrix

  11. Roy Deckard's rating of the film The Matrix

    If you don't interpret the movie as a cheap, "fuck-the-system", antiestablishmentarian allegory, but focus interpretation-wise on individuality and social identity, then it all makes more sense and you can appreciate better the perfection of this movie's masterful film-making.

  12. HKFanatic's rating of the film The Matrix

    After a recent theatrical screening, "The Matrix" still proves lightyears ahead of the modern Hollywood blockbuster with thoughtful writing, superb performances, stellar production design, and a driving score from Don Davis. Ironically, it's the action sequences that feel the most dated, while the storytelling remains surprisingly intelligent and even moving in its exploration of faith, love, and sacrifice.

  13. André Rangel's rating of the film The Matrix

  14. Kadjavsi's rating of the film The Matrix

  15. Pejapes's rating of the film The Matrix

    P: Awesome movie, inspiring, a story that can change the way you see reality C: Pretty old, cgi is outdated (yet pretty good) DYK Will Smith turned down Neo's role?

  16. anacecil's rating of the film The Matrix

    Retrato de la tecnología, un futuro desvastador de los que podemso esperar de los adelantos de la ciencia.

  17. Vincent T's rating of the film The Matrix

  18. Tixier's rating of the film The Matrix

    La définition même du game changer. Succès inespéré à la toute fin des années 90, Matrix révèle deux des cinéastes les plus talentueuses de leur génération. Encore aujourd'hui, c'est un immanquable du cinéma d'action, décortiqué par les cinéphiles, adoré de tous ou presque. A partir du triomphe de Matrix, l'influence asiatique est enfin assumée à Hollywood.

  19. João R's rating of the film The Matrix

    I really liked how they treated the premise in the first half. And then, it felt as if it was dragging itself around as they scrutinized the plot in a somewhat exhausted development.

  20. Bernardo Crastes's rating of the film The Matrix

    Even after knowing most of its gimmicks, either from watching bits in other times or from pop culture, it still managed to be thrilling, engaging and surprising! I recognized so many future influences and references... Awesome effects, especially in the helicopter crashing against the building scene. Also, those sunglasses... man, what were people thinking?

  21. arcondicionado's rating of the film The Matrix

  22. ionosonde's rating of the film The Matrix

    the worldbuilding in the matrix is top-notch. the plot handles it alright, although i feel like the conclusion was too rushed and open-ended considering how long the directors made people wait for a sequel. the cinematography doesn't do anything for me. i feel like it's needlessly dramatic.

  23. Jifa TM's rating of the film The Matrix

    loved it !!!! great movie, great message, it shows us that we have to wake up and change the way we live!!

  24. pezfelinoespia's rating of the film The Matrix

    un clasico! esta película me hace recordar brazil, pero va mucho mas allá, haciendo que inevitablemente terminemos pensando si estamos o no dentro de la matrix... me imagino que algún día van a hacer un remake aprovechando las nuevas tecnologías, solo espero que no la arruinen cuando ocurra esto...

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