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  1. Photo of Alan Cooke

    Alan Cooke Director

  2. Photo of Max Rosenberg

    Max Rosenberg Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Milton Subotsky

    Milton Subotsky Producer

  4. Photo of John Hale

    John Hale Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edward Simpson

    Edward Simpson Screenplay

  6. Photo of Billy Williams

    Billy Williams Cinematography

  7. Photo of Terence Stamp

    Terence Stamp Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Vaughn

    Robert Vaughn Cast

  9. Photo of Nigel Davenport

    Nigel Davenport Cast

  10. Photo of Christian Roberts

    Christian Roberts Cast

  11. Photo of Donal Donnelly

    Donal Donnelly Cast

  12. Photo of Bill Blunden

    Bill Blunden Editing

  13. Photo of Bill Constable

    Bill Constable Production Design

  14. Photo of Michael Dress

    Michael Dress Music

  15. Photo of John Aldred

    John Aldred Sound

  16. Photo of Ian Fuller

    Ian Fuller Sound

  17. Photo of Nolan Roberts

    Nolan Roberts Sound

  18. Photo of Evelyn Gibbs

    Evelyn Gibbs Costume Design

  19. Photo of Esmond Webb

    Esmond Webb Cast

  20. Photo of Scott Forbes

    Scott Forbes Cast

  21. Photo of Judy Parfitt

    Judy Parfitt Cast

  22. Photo of Vickery Turner

    Vickery Turner Cast

  23. Photo of Dan Jackson

    Dan Jackson Cast

  24. Photo of Norman Jones

    Norman Jones Cast