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  1. Photo of Ronald Neame

    Ronald Neame Director

  2. Photo of Frederick Forsyth

    Frederick Forsyth Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kenneth Ross

    Kenneth Ross Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jon Voight

    Jon Voight Cast

  5. Photo of Maximilian Schell

    Maximilian Schell Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Schell

    Maria Schell Cast

  7. Photo of Derek Jacobi

    Derek Jacobi Cast

  8. Photo of Mary Tamm

    Mary Tamm Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Jeffrey

    Peter Jeffrey Cast

  10. Photo of Klaus Löwitsch

    Klaus Löwitsch Cast

  11. Photo of Kurt Meisel

    Kurt Meisel Cast

  12. Photo of Hannes Messemer

    Hannes Messemer Cast

  13. Photo of Ernst Schröder

    Ernst Schröder Cast

  14. Photo of Oswald Morris

    Oswald Morris Cinematography

  15. Photo of Andrew Lloyd Webber

    Andrew Lloyd Webber Music

  16. Photo of Rolf Zehetbauer

    Rolf Zehetbauer Production Design

  17. Photo of John Woolf

    John Woolf Producer

  18. Photo of John R. Sloan

    John R. Sloan Producer

  19. Photo of Ralph Kemplen

    Ralph Kemplen Editing

  20. Photo of Leslie Hodgson

    Leslie Hodgson Sound

  21. Photo of Monika Bauert

    Monika Bauert Costume Design