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  1. Jason's rating of the film The Post

    The cynic might well stoop to calling THE POST calculated, but to my mind it is simply seriously timely cultural product and a rousing rallying point. (It gets down to business on more than one front.) I hated Spielberg as a jaded punk kid, but oh how I esteem what he is doing now. This may look like Alan J. Pakula but it has the mythopoetic mien of John Ford. And ex-journo Sam Fuller would definitely applaud.

  2. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film The Post

    The best Spielberg film since Minority Report. It's a compelling, masterfully acted, relevant watch that would stand on its own with or without the current political climate. It's also one of Kaminski and Kahn's most satisfying works.

  3. revelintheview's rating of the film The Post

  4. Samantha Kate's rating of the film The Post

    One star for Odenkirk. Hated Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee. Film felt like it had no idea what it wanted to focus on. Plus it was schmaltzy! 2 hour eye-roll.

  5. paul_quixote's rating of the film The Post

    Top-tier Streep. Movie hinges on her ability to perform thinking and she nails it. This is corny-as-fuck propaganda, but not the worst I've seen, not by a long shot. Reciting Justice Black's wisdom re: the Grand Importance of Journalism was incredibly grating. Instead of Watergate, the postscript might've been "The Post's" editorial board penning their '03 endorsement of the Iraq War (entitled "Irrefutable"). Alas.

  6. müteahhit's rating of the film The Post

  7. Myles's rating of the film The Post

    Light, likable. Spielberg casts Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and Zach Woods-- three of the best comics out there-- in straight roles. What's the point of that? Do we watch thinking they'll sneak in a funny? Does it gently nudge us into feeling the love? Haven't figured it out yet.

  8. doublelife91's rating of the film The Post

    I won't say it's the best film that came out in 2017, but I will say it is an important one, and I hope Mr. Spielberg did not mean it was timely because of the awards season.

  9. Renton47's rating of the film The Post

    Anyone can smugly point out the obviousness of the Spielberg touch, a fact that doesn't negate how effective I find this touch to be. The Post contains a number of great moments, most containing Streep, and a few clunky ones. Though it belabors the point, it's a point well earned by the seriousness of its characters and the uncertainty of their actions. It's not 'righteous', even cynical considering the times.

  10. Michael Peer's rating of the film The Post

    Spielberg’s spiritual prequel to All the Presidents Men.

  11. Zac Weber's rating of the film The Post

    Of course this was set up to be a timely performance piece for two of Hollywood's favorite actors, but Bob Odenkirk was by far the most interesting character. Hanks' tight-lipped attempt at a Ben Bradlee accent was just distracting. Thumbs up for newspapers.

  12. Duncan Gray's rating of the film The Post

    It's a credit to the craftsmanship of all involved that a film can be so engaging when there aren't really any surprises in it. It's light on the more complex ideas that sometime hide in Spielberg's seemingly simple historical films, and the on-the-nose nature of it blunts its impact. My biggest impression was of nostalgia for a (mythic?) time when readers would give a shit and not just retreat to their bubble.

  13. G. Thomas Esmay's rating of the film The Post

    7/10. THE POST is a likable film, one that details a battle between noble journalists and a megalomaniac president--a parallel to present day, of course. A touch sentimental at times and the final scene is perhaps unnecessary, but overall the film is entertaining.

  14. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film The Post

    I liked this best when I thought it was an episode of The Americans. And when Zach Woods showed. I love when Zach Woods shows. Too pandery.

  15.'s rating of the film The Post

    A very dry re-enactment of the release of the Pentagon Papers with none of the colour or characterisation of so many docu-dramas of recent years. In spite of the casting of Hanks and Streep it lacked the drama of a proper storyline.

  16. smndvdcl's rating of the film The Post

    The grandstanding self-aggrandisement of Hanks and Streep (always in time for Oscar season) tends to put my back up, but this is a competent film nonetheless. In an era where, thanks to Trump's authoritarian power grab, freedom of the press (even though MSM and The Washington Post is no left-leaning saviour) is in increasing jeopardy, films like this are important.