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The Princess of France

La princesa de Francia

Directed by Matías Piñeiro
Argentina, 2014
  • Spanish
  • English


A year after his father’s death, Victor returns to Buenos Aires in order to reconquer the life he was forced to abandon. He brings a new project with him for his former theater company: a radio-play of Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost”, a play they had all worked on together before he left.

Our take

Matías Piñeiro offers another ingenious and spry blend of pure cinema and the pleasures of Shakespeare. A whirlwind of young women swirl around and intersect with the life of a radio director in Buenos Aires through a multiplicity of relationships, love, & play. This film is a rare, gentle delight.

The Princess of France Directed by Matías Piñeiro
Piñeiro’s performers perform—they all have deft ways with dialogue and their gestures are brisk, precise, controlled—yet he films them in ways that prove what only the cinema can do. His roving, probing long takes film durations themselves—the interstices of dialogue, the spaces between people, the gaps illuminated by the spark of gazes and caresses, the moments of great change that take place while nothing seems to be happening.
June 26, 2015
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In Matías Piñeiro’s elating The Princess of France, the precise attachments, romantic or otherwise, among the constellation of characters may be deliberately confusing, but the performers themselves, all part of the writer-director’s regular troupe, are exceptionally vivid.
June 25, 2015
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What is clear, both from the way Piñeiro works around these references and from his generous handling of the cast, is his affection for his material, which takes on a charm of its own. In an era in which the big movies are bigger and more expensive than they’ve ever been, few acts of resistance seem more meaningful than making a small, careful, and personal film that still wants nothing more than to invite the viewer into its private world.
June 25, 2015
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