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Ratings & Reviews

  1. MarcH's rating of the film The Rains Came

    It was only when Myrna Loy was loaned out from stifling MGM that she really showed her acting chops. She is great in this.

  2. Roscoe's rating of the film The Rains Came

    Tasty corn, elegantly served and impeccably performed by all, especially the magnificent Myrna Loy. And that earthquake/flood sequence is still impressive.

  3. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film The Rains Came

    Loy was not the nicey-nicey wife or girlfriend in this film. She played a wanton which, ironically, harkened back to her earlier incarnation as an exotic flower. MGM loaned out Garbo's favorite director to 20th, as well as Loy, and he gave her a little of the Swede's mystery. In addition, George Brent has never been as good anywhere else as he is here.