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  1. pomegranate's rating of the film The Red Pill

    несвідомо з*явилась аналогія з Савченко та Сенцовим.

  2. MistaRichard's rating of the film The Red Pill

    Documents a journey taken by famed feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye to "the world of the MRA". One of discovery and confrontation with not only men's issues, but also with the disconcerting state the feminist movement has come to. This is an important movie: for the issues it raises and for the points of view it depicts in an almost entirely neutral form. Watch this as soon as possible. Perspective never hurt anyone.

  3. BernardoL's rating of the film The Red Pill

    This is an incredibly important topic and I'm really glad to see it getting addressed. Unfortunately, the technical aspects of this documentary are very amateurish and the narration is sub-par. Given the utmost importance of this topic, I can't help but feel that Cassie Jaye should have done a better job. Still, given the narrative out there, this is a must watch for men and women.