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  1. Photo of Brian Farnham

    Brian Farnham Director

  2. Photo of Darrol Blake

    Darrol Blake Director

  3. Photo of Pennant Roberts

    Pennant Roberts Director

  4. Photo of Terence Dudley

    Terence Dudley Director and Producer

  5. Photo of Viktors Ritelis

    Viktors Ritelis Director

  6. Photo of Eric Hills

    Eric Hills Director

  7. Photo of Rodney Bennett

    Rodney Bennett Director

  8. Photo of Keith Williams

    Keith Williams Director

  9. Photo of William Slater

    William Slater Director

  10. Photo of George Spenton-Foster

    George Spenton-Foster Director

  11. Photo of Jack Gerson

    Jack Gerson Screenplay

  12. Photo of Nick McCarty

    Nick McCarty Screenplay

  13. Photo of Jack Ronder

    Jack Ronder Screenplay

  14. Photo of John Wiles

    John Wiles Screenplay

  15. Photo of Anthony Steven

    Anthony Steven Screenplay

  16. Photo of Julian Mitchell

    Julian Mitchell Screenplay

  17. Photo of Robert Holmes

    Robert Holmes Screenplay

  18. Photo of Robin Chapman

    Robin Chapman Screenplay

  19. Photo of Richard Daniel

    Richard Daniel Screenplay

  20. Photo of Martin Worth

    Martin Worth Screenplay

  21. Photo of Brian Hayles

    Brian Hayles Screenplay

  22. Photo of John Cresswell

    John Cresswell Screenplay

  23. Photo of Stuart Douglass

    Stuart Douglass Screenplay

  24. Photo of Arden Winch

    Arden Winch Screenplay

  25. Photo of Ian Curteis

    Ian Curteis Screenplay

  26. Photo of Paul Wheeler

    Paul Wheeler Screenplay

  27. Photo of Christopher Cazenove

    Christopher Cazenove Cast

  28. Photo of Maria Aitken

    Maria Aitken Cast

  29. Photo of James Bate

    James Bate Cast

  30. Photo of Michael Brennan

    Michael Brennan Cast

  31. Photo of Frederick Treves

    Frederick Treves Cast

  32. Photo of Denis Lill

    Denis Lill Cast

  33. Photo of Michael Elwyn

    Michael Elwyn Cast

  34. Photo of Richard Wordsworth

    Richard Wordsworth Cast

  35. Photo of John Hallam

    John Hallam Cast

  36. Photo of Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams Cast

  37. Photo of Wendy Allnutt

    Wendy Allnutt Cast

  38. Photo of Bernard Brown

    Bernard Brown Cast

  39. Photo of Roy Herrick

    Roy Herrick Cast

  40. Photo of Anthony Coburn

    Anthony Coburn Producer

  41. Photo of Royston Morley

    Royston Morley Producer