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  1. Photo of Frank Coraci

    Frank Coraci Director

  2. Photo of Tim Herlihy

    Tim Herlihy Executive Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heather Parry

    Heather Parry Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Adam Sandler

    Adam Sandler Producer, Cast Screenplay

  5. Photo of Allen Covert

    Allen Covert Producer

  6. Photo of Dean Semler

    Dean Semler Cinematography

  7. Photo of Taylor Lautner

    Taylor Lautner Cast

  8. Photo of Steve Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi Cast

  9. Photo of Nick Nolte

    Nick Nolte Cast

  10. Photo of Will Forte

    Will Forte Cast

  11. Photo of Danny Trejo

    Danny Trejo Cast

  12. Photo of Luke Wilson

    Luke Wilson Cast

  13. Photo of Terry Crews

    Terry Crews Cast

  14. Photo of Julia Jones

    Julia Jones Cast

  15. Photo of Norm MacDonald

    Norm MacDonald Cast

  16. Photo of David Spade

    David Spade Cast

  17. Photo of John Turturro

    John Turturro Cast

  18. Photo of Rob Schneider

    Rob Schneider Cast

  19. Photo of Chris Parnell

    Chris Parnell Cast

  20. Photo of Jorge García

    Jorge García Cast

  21. Photo of Steve Zahn

    Steve Zahn Cast

  22. Photo of Whitney Cummings

    Whitney Cummings Cast

  23. Photo of Vanilla Ice

    Vanilla Ice Cast

  24. Photo of Nick Swardson

    Nick Swardson Cast

  25. Photo of Jon Lovitz

    Jon Lovitz Cast

  26. Photo of Blake Clark

    Blake Clark Cast

  27. Photo of Tom Costain

    Tom Costain Editing

  28. Photo of Perry Andelin Blake

    Perry Andelin Blake Production Design

  29. Photo of Rupert Gregson-Williams

    Rupert Gregson-Williams Music

  30. Photo of Elmo Weber

    Elmo Weber Music

  31. Photo of William Sarokin

    William Sarokin Sound

  32. Photo of Clayton Weber

    Clayton Weber Sound

  33. Photo of Elijah Weber

    Elijah Weber Sound

  34. Photo of Harvey Keitel

    Harvey Keitel Cast