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  1. Malt Frisky's rating of the film The Shining

    I've seen so many making of and fan (conspiracy) theories of 'The Shining' that I'm a little underwhelmed when watching the actual film and that's my fault at the end of the day but the scenes in this film make it so memorable, the idea of this hotel being a Lovecraft entity, a living being that keeps it's un-dead ghosts locked away it's no surprise that similar ideas began to surface in latter day horror films.

  2. robertsandu's rating of the film The Shining

    Nicholson is obviously great here. The cinematography is superb. Some scenes are near perfection in how well they showcase the underlying theme of the film, but the whole is a bit uneven. Ballroom scenes are all impeccably done, my favorites. Kubrick was smart. He ignored a lot of King's material because he didn't want a scattershot approach. Instead, he bolstered the violent parts, creating a more primal film.

  3. NCMBianchi's rating of the film The Shining

  4. Rob Horsfall's rating of the film The Shining

    Watched this again, and amazed at the multiple layers of the film that I wasn't aware of previously. Still manages to freak me out but saw it in a completely different light. That is more of a psychological thriller with themes of child abuse, paedophilia and native American oppression. Very subtle. Remarkable.

  5. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film The Shining

  6. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film The Shining

    Watched as a kid and maybe didn't appreciate too much, re watching again with good headphones and it's chilling 4.5 Stars

  7. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film The Shining

    I am not scholarly enough on Kubrick to discuss the narrative around "America's greatest director": what I can say is that, ironically, The Shining is a film that holds no secrets at all besides gift-shop trivia of decor legends and behind-the-scenes tales. Nicholson is iconically amped,it's creepy,and it's well shot. A heck of a movie when I was 15. After watching actual masterpieces, I tend to reluctantly disagree.

  8. martaag's rating of the film The Shining

    3.5. Agosto 2013 ou 14.

  9. pumpkindraconis's rating of the film The Shining

    Legit mentally disturbing. Visually, musically and acting-wise it's a work of masters. Nicholson is whole other subject to talk about but it kinda hurt me watching Duvall act, knowing her situation after this movie, how beautiful. Geniuses, killing me with that acting, loved it

  10. Aulia Indry's rating of the film The Shining

    The environment changed everything, I guess I'm also almost changed because of depression and tired of looking around me. Can still be said to make sense, but with a strange kill also

  11. Poena Damni's rating of the film The Shining

    Finally I brought myself to watching a Kubrick film. The story sucks, of course, for people who likes to get scared, but some nice cinematography & the funny face of Jack Nickloson is all there is to it.

  12. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Shining

    Stephen King was wrong. Kubrick adapted his book perfectly by removing the cheese and added more spices to it. It is a terrific film shot with Steadicam and has some of the most tense moments ever put on film. The fact that we know that Jack Nicholson is crazy doesn't matter as it what he is going to do with his family that is scary. Also good is the fact that there is some mystery left in the plot. A horror classic.

  13. redux's rating of the film The Shining

    Have you noticed the cranberry sauce in the food storage? Proof that Paul is dead!

  14. caprica_six's rating of the film The Shining

  15. lou.'s rating of the film The Shining

  16. Beau Folsom's rating of the film The Shining

    I guess I’m most impressed by the fact that Kubrick, who you would never really think to be fluent in the language of horror before this considering he had never dabbled in that area, actually had an impeccable understanding of what makes horror horrifying. Seeing him take a genre seemingly unfamiliar to him and completely dominate it, well... it justifies all the praise Kubrick ever got as a filmmaker.

  17. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film The Shining

  18. Gach's rating of the film The Shining

    This is a perfect movie.

  19. whimsicalmelancholy's rating of the film The Shining

    this film is truly a 5 star classic.

  20. Adam GR's rating of the film The Shining

    A grand affair! It makes me feel that snowswept coziness of imprisonment in a home with your loved ones.

  21. AJ's rating of the film The Shining

    One of the most important aspects of The Shining is the set design, considering that the story is about a haunted hotel. The hedge maze, the blood-spilling elevator, and the winding hallways through which Danny rides his tricycle are all iconic, but I think one of the most important rooms is the ballroom, which gets a complete makeover the second time Jack enters it, to make it look like it takes place in the 1920's.

  22. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Shining

    Almost as nasty as 'A Clockwork Orange', but so much more fun since it is prevented from being nearly as portentous due to being based on a Stephen King novel despite the fact that it really wants to pretend that it isn't. It's sheer sensory enjoyment to glide along with the camera through the Overlook's labyrinthine spaces. For me, the experience is a touch too cerebral to be nerve-shredding, but that's nae bother.

  23. Ben Nash's rating of the film The Shining

    Still one of the greatest horror movies. Every halloween I give it a watch and every time I still jump at THAT scene.

  24. demamdq's rating of the film The Shining

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