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  1. Photo of Luigi Falorni

    Luigi Falorni Director, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Byambasuren Davaa

    Byambasuren Davaa Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Janchiv Ayurzana

    Janchiv Ayurzana Cast

  4. Photo of Chimed Ohin

    Chimed Ohin Cast

  5. Photo of Amgaabazar Gonson

    Amgaabazar Gonson Cast

  6. Photo of Zeveljamz Nyam

    Zeveljamz Nyam Cast

  7. Photo of Ikhbayar Amgaabazar

    Ikhbayar Amgaabazar Cast

  8. Photo of Odgerel Ayusch

    Odgerel Ayusch Cast

  9. Photo of Enkhbulgan Ikhbayar

    Enkhbulgan Ikhbayar Cast

  10. Photo of Uuganbaatar Ikhbayar

    Uuganbaatar Ikhbayar Cast

  11. Photo of Guntbaatar Ikhbayar

    Guntbaatar Ikhbayar Cast

  12. Photo of Munkhbayar Lhagvaa

    Munkhbayar Lhagvaa Cast

  13. Photo of Ariunjargal Adiya

    Ariunjargal Adiya Cast

  14. Photo of Dogo Roljav

    Dogo Roljav Cast

  15. Photo of Chuluunzezeg Gur

    Chuluunzezeg Gur Cast

  16. Photo of Tobias Siebert

    Tobias Siebert Producer

  17. Photo of Anja Pohl

    Anja Pohl Editing

  18. Photo of Marc Meusinger

    Marc Meusinger Sound

  19. Photo of Ansgar Frerich

    Ansgar Frerich Sound

  20. Photo of Tatjana Jakob

    Tatjana Jakob Sound

  21. Photo of Hans-Dieter Desinger

    Hans-Dieter Desinger Sound