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  1. Photo of José Mojica Marins

    José Mojica Marins Director, Screenplay, Cast, Music & 1 more
    José Mojica Marins Director, Screenplay, Cast, Music, Producer

  2. Photo of Rubens Francisco Luchetti

    Rubens Francisco Luchetti Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Michel Serkeis

    George Michel Serkeis Cast and Producer

  4. Photo of Vany Miller

    Vany Miller Cast

  5. Photo of Verônica Krimann

    Verônica Krimann Cast

  6. Photo of Paula Ramos

    Paula Ramos Cast

  7. Photo of Íris Bruzzi

    Íris Bruzzi Cast

  8. Photo of Oswaldo De Souza

    Oswaldo De Souza Cast

  9. Photo of Giorgio Attili

    Giorgio Attili Cinematography

  10. Photo of Herminio Giménez

    Herminio Giménez Music

  11. Photo of Brutus Martha

    Brutus Martha Production Design

  12. Photo of Eduardo Llorente

    Eduardo Llorente Editing

  13. Photo of Júlio Perez Caballar

    Júlio Perez Caballar Sound