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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Mya Stark's rating of the film The Terminal Man

    Gorgeous to look at; I love a film with a severely limited color palate. Must've influenced what Matty Libatique did with THE FOUNTAIN. But I wished to be taken into the subjectivity of the main character's uncontrollable rage, or really anything visceral to play off the immaculate surface of the picture.

  2. Martin Wilson's rating of the film The Terminal Man

    That this film failed commercially but impressed the likes of KUBRICK and MALICK is not surprising. It's as depressing a film about science and humanity as you will ever see. HODGES drains all "entertainment" out of the story, (no wonder it failed) and gets to its real core - a funeral dirge for mankind. It therefore, appropriately, culminates at a cemetery, in a freshly dug grave. This is as terminal a film as SALO.