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  1. Photo of Robert Thom

    Robert Thom Screenplay

  2. Photo of Colleen Dewhurst

    Colleen Dewhurst Cast

  3. Photo of William Shatner

    William Shatner Cast

  4. Photo of Frank Moore

    Frank Moore Cast

  5. Photo of Monique Mercure

    Monique Mercure Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Meyer

    Tony Meyer Cast

  7. Photo of David Meyer

    David Meyer Cast

  8. Photo of Andrée Pelletier

    Andrée Pelletier Cast

  9. Photo of Simon Rankin

    Simon Rankin Cast

  10. Photo of Andrew Rankin

    Andrew Rankin Cast

  11. Photo of Darren DiFonzo

    Darren DiFonzo Cast

  12. Photo of Diana Leblanc

    Diana Leblanc Cast

  13. Photo of Marshall McLuhan

    Marshall McLuhan Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Fiore

    Robert Fiore Cinematography

  15. Photo of Paul Hoffert

    Paul Hoffert Music

  16. Photo of William McCrow

    William McCrow Production Design

  17. Photo of Teri McLuhan

    Teri McLuhan Producer, Director Story

  18. Photo of Brian Winston

    Brian Winston Producer

  19. Photo of Ulla Ryghe

    Ulla Ryghe Editing