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  1. Photo of Keith Froelich

    Keith Froelich Director, Screenplay, Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Matt Klemp

    Matt Klemp Cast

  3. Photo of Andrew Woodhouse

    Andrew Woodhouse Cast

  4. Photo of Jerome Samuels

    Jerome Samuels Cast

  5. Photo of Joan Wheeler

    Joan Wheeler Cast

  6. Photo of Michael Glen

    Michael Glen Cast

  7. Photo of James Frank Tittle

    James Frank Tittle Cinematography

  8. Photo of Chan Poling

    Chan Poling Music

  9. Photo of Merrill C. Stringer

    Merrill C. Stringer Production Design

  10. Photo of Karen Manion

    Karen Manion Producer

  11. Photo of Ralf Schirg

    Ralf Schirg Producer and Cast

  12. Photo of Marc Huestis

    Marc Huestis Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Robb Harriss

    Robb Harriss Editing

  14. Photo of Bjorn Kindem

    Bjorn Kindem Editing