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  1. Photo of Ron Winston

    Ron Winston Director

  2. Photo of Claude Akins

    Claude Akins Cast

  3. Photo of Barry Atwater

    Barry Atwater Cast

  4. Photo of Jack Weston

    Jack Weston Cast

  5. Photo of Amzie Strickland

    Amzie Strickland Cast

  6. Photo of Burt Metcalfe

    Burt Metcalfe Cast

  7. Photo of Mary Gregory

    Mary Gregory Cast

  8. Photo of Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson Cast

  9. Photo of Anne Barton

    Anne Barton Cast

  10. Photo of Leah Waggner

    Leah Waggner Cast

  11. Photo of Joan Sudlow

    Joan Sudlow Cast

  12. Photo of Ben Erway

    Ben Erway Cast

  13. Photo of Lyn Guild

    Lyn Guild Cast

  14. Photo of Sheldon Allman

    Sheldon Allman Cast

  15. Photo of George T. Clemens

    George T. Clemens Cinematography

  16. Photo of René Garriguenc

    René Garriguenc Music

  17. Photo of Buck Houghton

    Buck Houghton Producer

  18. Photo of Rod Serling

    Rod Serling Executive Producer, Narrator Screenplay

  19. Photo of Bill Mosher

    Bill Mosher Editing

  20. Photo of Franklin Milton

    Franklin Milton Sound

  21. Photo of Jean G. Valentino

    Jean G. Valentino Sound

  22. Photo of Van Allen James

    Van Allen James Sound

  23. Photo of George W. Davis

    George W. Davis Art Department

  24. Photo of William Ferrari

    William Ferrari Art Department

  25. Photo of Rudy Butler

    Rudy Butler Art Department

  26. Photo of Henry Grace

    Henry Grace Art Department