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  1. Photo of Franco Rossi

    Franco Rossi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Rodolfo Sonego

    Rodolfo Sonego Screenplay

  3. Photo of Augusto Caminito

    Augusto Caminito Screenplay

  4. Photo of Fausto Saraceni

    Fausto Saraceni Screenplay

  5. Photo of Gianfranco Clerici

    Gianfranco Clerici Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nino Marino

    Nino Marino Screenplay

  7. Photo of Terence Hill

    Terence Hill Cast

  8. Photo of Bud Spencer

    Bud Spencer Cast

  9. Photo of Jean-Pierre Aumont

    Jean-Pierre Aumont Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Loggia

    Robert Loggia Cast

  11. Photo of Mario Pilar

    Mario Pilar Cast

  12. Photo of Salvatore Basile

    Salvatore Basile Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Cumani Quasimodo

    Maria Cumani Quasimodo Cast

  14. Photo of Jacques Herlin

    Jacques Herlin Cast

  15. Photo of Mario Erpichini

    Mario Erpichini Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Mendoza

    Antonio Mendoza Cast

  17. Photo of Antonio Guerra

    Antonio Guerra Cast

  18. Photo of Lorenzo Piani

    Lorenzo Piani Cast

  19. Photo of Giancarlo Bastianoni

    Giancarlo Bastianoni Cast

  20. Photo of Riccardo Pizzuti

    Riccardo Pizzuti Cast

  21. Photo of Marcello Verziera

    Marcello Verziera Cast

  22. Photo of Gábor Pogány

    Gábor Pogány Cinematography

  23. Photo of Guido De Angelis

    Guido De Angelis Music

  24. Photo of Maurizio De Angelis

    Maurizio De Angelis Music

  25. Photo of Francesco Bronzi

    Francesco Bronzi Production Design

  26. Photo of Dino De Laurentiis

    Dino De Laurentiis Producer

  27. Photo of Giorgio Serrallonga

    Giorgio Serrallonga Editing

  28. Photo of Gianni d'Amico

    Gianni d'Amico Sound