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149 Ratings

The Unloved

Directed by Samantha Morton
United Kingdom, 2009
Drama, TV Movie


The story of 11-year-old Lucy (newcomer Molly Windsor) seeking refuge as a ward of the state from her abusive father (Robert Carlyle). Placed in a tumultuous foster home, Lucy befriends her rebellious teenage roommate Lauren, and together they navigate the cold and uncaring world before them.

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The Unloved Directed by Samantha Morton

Awards & Festivals

BAFTA Awards

2010 | Winner: Best Single Drama (Television)

2010 | Nominee: Best Supporting Actress (Television)

British Independent Film Awards

2009 | Nominee: Douglas Hickox Award

What are people saying?

  • El Biffo's rating of the film The Unloved

    This is a perfect example of why, in general, I do not like music in films. This could have been an excellent film, but the music completely detracts from it, even drowning out the dialogue in one scene, and totally ruining the ending. If I want to listen to music, I will put on some music. I would've liked to have understood what everyone was saying, and the dialect is difficult enough without loud music to drown it

  • comeandsee's rating of the film The Unloved

    heartbreaking. this film was so sad, tragic and at times brutal, but yet the story has a great social significance. morton has the beginnings of an auteur, and an excellent one at that. her style recalls Ozu. she has a real eye for symbolic moments, and the social realism of this almost crys out to the audience.

  • OcioActivo's rating of the film The Unloved

    A touching story. Morton's career choices in cinema have always been interesting and thought-provoking so I'm not surprised that her directorial debut brings the POV of a girl put into a Short Term 12-like situation. The film handles the subject material honestly and with finesse; not preachy like Closet Land. Lauren presents a likely and bad future for Lucy. The final shot is quite amazing; makes you think.

  • Nicholas Kohut's rating of the film The Unloved

    Take a deep dive into the life of a lonely little girl who's world is still mystical and at times overwhelming. Molly Windsor's presence on camera is incredible. Samantha Morton's understanding of cinematic language is exceptional. Made for TV it still trumps many of the major releases I've seen in the past year. The experience and message of this picture continues to resonate and I will definitely watch again.

  • _cmb's rating of the film The Unloved

    i loved the graveyard scene! it was my favorite. Lucy's acting, the cinematography, the music, the silence <3 just wonderful. sad, for sure, but wonderful. and that last shot of Lucy in the bus was utterly perfect.

  • Marlene Leverette's rating of the film The Unloved

    400 Blows it certainly is not! However, I found it to be quite compelling. Loved the thoughtful mood of the film. At times the heavy accent or the loud music make it difficult to grasp the words but just enjoyed watching the emotion of the main character. She draws you into her inner space and the music mirrors the harshness of her life. She is an absolutely marvelous actor. Definitely worth watching!

  • commonwastrel's rating of the film The Unloved

    Although there are moments when the film feels excessively despairing to a fault, this an undeniably heartbreaking depiction of a child's desperate search for an unattainable belonging. Windsor's performance is perfectly understated as her character is almost dulled by a hopelessness that is never overwhelming yet always permeating.

  • LaHaine's rating of the film The Unloved

    Whats with British Actors making one off directorial debuts that are wonderful downbeat working class films about Britian. Tim roth Gary Oldman and Paddy cosindine all made classic but bleak dramas. Samantha Morton joins that list with this semi based on her own upbrininging and does herself Justice even though i don't think it tops those three guys films. A Must see.

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