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  1. Photo of Rudolf Thome

    Rudolf Thome Director, Cast, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Böhmer

    Wolfgang Böhmer Music

  3. Photo of Fred Kelemen

    Fred Kelemen Cinematography

  4. Photo of Dörte Völz-Mammarella

    Dörte Völz-Mammarella Editing

  5. Photo of Susanna Cardelli

    Susanna Cardelli Production Design

  6. Photo of Hannelore Elsner

    Hannelore Elsner Cast

  7. Photo of Guntram Brattia

    Guntram Brattia Cast

  8. Photo of Rufus Beck

    Rufus Beck Cast

  9. Photo of Hansa Czypionka

    Hansa Czypionka Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Kubin

    Anna Kubin Cast

  11. Photo of Stefanie Roße

    Stefanie Roße Cast

  12. Photo of Anne Lebinsky

    Anne Lebinsky Cast

  13. Photo of Rebecca Rudolph

    Rebecca Rudolph Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Scherff

    Michael Scherff Cast

  15. Photo of Katia Tchemberdji

    Katia Tchemberdji Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Dorn

    Michael Dorn Cast

  17. Photo of Oliver Elias

    Oliver Elias Cast

  18. Photo of Christine Knispel

    Christine Knispel Cast

  19. Photo of Henk Göbel

    Henk Göbel Cast

  20. Photo of Cornelius Schwalm

    Cornelius Schwalm Cast

  21. Photo of Johanna-Julia Spitzer

    Johanna-Julia Spitzer Cast