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  1. Photo of Anthony Asquith

    Anthony Asquith Director

  2. Photo of Teddy Baird

    Teddy Baird Producer

  3. Photo of Terence Rattigan

    Terence Rattigan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anatole de Grunwald

    Anatole de Grunwald Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Freddie Young

    Freddie Young Cinematography

  6. Photo of Gerald Turney-Smith

    Gerald Turney-Smith Editing

  7. Photo of William Alwyn

    William Alwyn Music

  8. Photo of Robert Donat

    Robert Donat Cast

  9. Photo of Cedric Hardwicke

    Cedric Hardwicke Cast

  10. Photo of Basil Radford

    Basil Radford Cast

  11. Photo of Margaret Leighton

    Margaret Leighton Cast

  12. Photo of Kathleen Harrison

    Kathleen Harrison Cast

  13. Photo of Francis L. Sullivan

    Francis L. Sullivan Cast

  14. Photo of Marie Lohr

    Marie Lohr Cast

  15. Photo of Jack Watling

    Jack Watling Cast

  16. Photo of Walter Fitzgerald

    Walter Fitzgerald Cast

  17. Photo of Frank Lawton

    Frank Lawton Cast

  18. Photo of Neil North

    Neil North Cast

  19. Photo of Nicholas Hannen

    Nicholas Hannen Cast

  20. Photo of Hugh Dempster

    Hugh Dempster Cast

  21. Photo of Mona Washbourne

    Mona Washbourne Cast

  22. Photo of Kynaston Reeves

    Kynaston Reeves Cast

  23. Photo of Ernest Thesiger

    Ernest Thesiger Cast

  24. Photo of Stanley Holloway

    Stanley Holloway Cast

  25. Photo of Cyril Ritchard

    Cyril Ritchard Cast