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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film The Yards

    Doesn't have Gray's visual literary feast of richly detailed and dramatically evoking visuals, but The Yards offers a delicatessen of dramatic depth. The story is generally familiar in situations and emotional turning points, but the screenplay has this patience for development, and such scenes as the hospital scene deliver not just the tension and nail-biting goods, but creates great conflict and raises the stakes.

  2. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film The Yards

    ***1/2, honestly, but Gray and his performer/editor collabs are very good in the moment-by-moment, even working with this threadbare yarn, at extracting the dark richness -- the melodrama, really, w/ Howard Shore's deep-currents help -- from what he's spinning. Extra 1/2* for Savides's elevating contributions, which are exceptionally fluent as usual, and exactly what's called for in Gray's story-mining operation.

  3. giovanni's rating of the film The Yards

  4. Ayinde Anderson's rating of the film The Yards

  5. Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film The Yards

    A powerful crime drama like we rarely see. James Gray is a director who really cares about his characters whether they are good or bad. A great reminder for how a good actor Mark Wahlberg is. A forgotten modern masterwork of American cinema. A strong 4.5 stars.

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film The Yards

    Après "Little Odessa" James Gray confirme son grand talent si rare sur nos écrans.

  7. itchycoil's rating of the film The Yards

    it needs more joaquin and less mark wahlberg

  8. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Yards

  9. Landen Celano's rating of the film The Yards

    What a deft melodrama executed with skilled nuance. There's novels being written behind the eyes of each character. Criminally underrated.

  10. mpho3's rating of the film The Yards

    "As I watched all these Othello-like machinations play themselves out, I decided that Gray [bit] off more than [he] could chew. ...Was too much to expect The Yards to take on a Stendhalian irony? After all, Leo was gotten off the hook by a breathtakingly Machiavellian maneuver.... Couldn’t Leo have just smiled and accepted this lesson in life? No, he was just too boringly good for that." - Andrew. Sarris, NY Observer

  11. Sean Brodeur's rating of the film The Yards

    Great story, good acting, the lighting is prominent and provocative.

  12. Nick Potter's rating of the film The Yards

    My second experience with Gray, and I might like it even more than The Immigrant. I loved the more contained yet surprising plot, and every cast member excels when they're given time. The Yards needs to be talked about more.

  13. Brian Gutierrez's rating of the film The Yards

    My first foray into James Gray finally but really enjoyed the pace and choice to have the quiet moments feel the loudest even when there are more physically violent moments in the film. But the real violence is in the choices the characters make and they way in which they choose to communicate with each other. What they choose to say and take priority of is the violent act here.

  14. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Yards

    (3.5 stars) Tightly directed thriller by Gray. Moves at a graceful pace and never veers too far in one direction, which is actually one of the movie's strengths. Caan and Phoenix both shine here.

  15. El Biffo's rating of the film The Yards

    A fine example of American Cinema, with all of its conventions, but without graphic violence or pandering. James Gray's Queens and Brooklyn dramas are a body of work that honor those Boroughs with character and distinction and make the viewer feel as though they were our home, not just his. 4++

  16. David R Williams's rating of the film The Yards

    A solid movie but certainly nothing that I have not seen before. Fine performances by an all star cast which perhaps is part of the problem - I know who these people are and good as they are - they are still who they really are. Did that make sense? Good as Charlize Theron is as Erica she is still Charlize Theron NOT Erica. I was glad I saw it but feel if I had not - I really wouldn't have missed anything special.

  17. Waxamillion's rating of the film The Yards

    All my issues with this film will give away the film... So lets just say that it is a great take on the regular crime film, but there were very few things you didnt see coming.

  18. Andrew Miller's rating of the film The Yards

    I've come late to this party-- I thought of At Close Range, genre tropes lent a bruised dignity.

  19. Loz Loory's rating of the film The Yards

    Just as good as when I saw it in 2000. The tone, the performances, the camera work, the gritty production design, the pared down script. My one issue remains with the tiring depiction of such a rigid patriarchal separation of men and women. Men rule the outside world; women rule the roost; and you can tell an honest man because he dotes on his mother. Amusing record-setting response times of the police to alarms!

  20. Zac Weber's rating of the film The Yards

    Despite a great cast, none of the characters evolve in any way over the course of the film. Joaquin is the flippant narcissist, Mark is the unlucky introvert and there were obvious hints at the past relationship between him and Charlize Theron's character almost immediately. The dingy cinematography had a noir-ish tint at times, but I was never really blown away by any particular shot or sequence.

  21. Lorna Singh's rating of the film The Yards

    A film that deserved more attention. Set in New York, with a similar look and feel of 'The Godfather'. Well directed and acted ( except for Charlize Theron).

  22. crystal meff's rating of the film The Yards

    Shakespearean, Wahlberg is not.

  23. Rank Nivag's rating of the film The Yards

    First James Gray film; eager to see more. Interested esp. in his representations of female characters -- fortitude, lineage-making.

  24. Thomas's rating of the film The Yards

    I really liked it! I wish I had somebody to watch it with, nah. I'm at work. It's 4:00 AM here and a lonely place, like the night watchman, at the Yards. That crushingly sensitive moment, for the cousin to offer his love to his Mom when she needs him, and that old hand of hers, like a claw, for her Nephew... well I won't forget that too soon!

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