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  1. Bernardo_Rodrigues's rating of the film Threads

  2. Ioana Mihai's rating of the film Threads

  3. Criteriamor's rating of the film Threads

    The cumulative effect of what you will see will leave you completely dead inside and hopeless. I actually wished for death at the end. This movie will sneak up on you and rip your soul out before you have the time to react. It’s so real and so cold in the way it’s presented, so matter of fact. It feels very VERY real. By the end you feel what it's like to be dead.

  4. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Threads

    Thorough, sequential and utterly devastating in its logical unpeeling of the inevitable consequences of nuclear fallout. No Hollywood humour or heroics here, just a steely-eyed focus on the horrors man does unto man.

  5. Alessandra N.'s rating of the film Threads

  6. Tlr Creme Org's rating of the film Threads

    Hard to decide what is more depressing, Birmingham before or after

  7. Ash's rating of the film Threads

    Disturbing and terrifying.

  8. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film Threads

    Very scary stuff, and it must've been even scarier in the middle 80's. Amazing how this dramatic para documentary finishes being more terrifying and real than any horror I know!

  9. ruthlornaadele's rating of the film Threads

    A brutal and compelling film. It put me off my dinner and made me cry all the way home. Timeless in its objective, I thoroughly recommend this film.

  10. Superfrog's rating of the film Threads

    This should be on TV everytime a summit of warmongerers is happening. This is one hell of a realistic, and as a result one hell of a depressing, length of film with little hope and little light at the end of the tunnel. Did not age a bit.

  11. Marcus Killerby's rating of the film Threads

    Great and mediocre and generally confusing all at once. I certainly wasn't expecting the 15 year forecast the movie portrayed and at that point it became far too speculative for a supposedly realistic account. Still, it was very harrowing. I found myself initially removed from the experience when it was more fictionally narrative based. Then it became very realistic. And then further it became, as I said...

  12. Ember's rating of the film Threads

    perhaps the most important film ive ever watched and indeed the most depressing

  13. Snuffed's rating of the film Threads

    Threads will always make way for an annihilating viewing experience; it is unmatched in portraying the realism of nuclear war from a humanistic stand-point, especially from the endearing residents of working-class Sheffield. We follow them right through to the actual threat up until the devastating execution, the end result is harrowing.

  14. Publius's rating of the film Threads

    Maybe the most depressing film ever? Nightmare material.

  15. Arctvrvs's rating of the film Threads

    the absolute best post apocalyptic film in terms of the raw hopelessness and destruction experienced from a human point of view. It's written well enough that you truly care for the characters and the believable sequence of events that lead to the nuclear holocaust. The last scene has resonated with me most of all, truly harrowing!

  16. Groovy Monster's rating of the film Threads

    Hard to actually "like", but also extremely hard to forget. Very bleak, intense stuff! (Not to mention depressing.)