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  1. Photo of Danny L. Zialcita

    Danny L. Zialcita Director

  2. Photo of Mike Vergara

    Mike Vergara Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sharon Cuneta

    Sharon Cuneta Cast

  4. Photo of Miguel Rodríguez

    Miguel Rodríguez Cast

  5. Photo of Dante Rivero

    Dante Rivero Cast

  6. Photo of Liza Lorena

    Liza Lorena Cast

  7. Photo of Susan Valdez-LeGoff

    Susan Valdez-LeGoff Cast

  8. Photo of Tommy Abuel

    Tommy Abuel Cast

  9. Photo of Suzanne Gonzales

    Suzanne Gonzales Cast

  10. Photo of Odette Khan

    Odette Khan Cast

  11. Photo of Felizardo Bailen

    Felizardo Bailen Cinematography

  12. Photo of George Canseco

    George Canseco Music

  13. Photo of Peter Perlas

    Peter Perlas Production Design

  14. Photo of Ramon Salvador

    Ramon Salvador Producer

  15. Photo of Vic del Rosario Jr.

    Vic del Rosario Jr. Executive Producer

  16. Photo of George Jarlego

    George Jarlego Editing

  17. Photo of Rudy Baldovino

    Rudy Baldovino Sound

  18. Photo of Demet Velasquez

    Demet Velasquez Sound

  19. Photo of Christian Espiritu

    Christian Espiritu Costume Design