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  1. Photo of Jane Campion

    Jane Campion Director, Screenplay, and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Garth Davis

    Garth Davis Director

  3. Photo of Gerard Lee

    Gerard Lee Screenplay

  4. Photo of Elisabeth Moss

    Elisabeth Moss Cast

  5. Photo of David Wenham

    David Wenham Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Mullan

    Peter Mullan Cast

  7. Photo of Thomas M. Wright

    Thomas M. Wright Cast

  8. Photo of Holly Hunter

    Holly Hunter Cast

  9. Photo of Jacqueline Joe

    Jacqueline Joe Cast

  10. Photo of Jay Ryan

    Jay Ryan Cast

  11. Photo of Kip Chapman

    Kip Chapman Cast

  12. Photo of Sarah Valentine

    Sarah Valentine Cast

  13. Photo of Matt Whelan

    Matt Whelan Cast

  14. Photo of Cohen Holloway

    Cohen Holloway Cast

  15. Photo of Skye Wansey

    Skye Wansey Cast

  16. Photo of Geneviève Lemon

    Geneviève Lemon Cast

  17. Photo of Robyn Malcolm

    Robyn Malcolm Cast

  18. Photo of Madeleine Sami

    Madeleine Sami Cast

  19. Photo of Alison Bruce

    Alison Bruce Cast

  20. Photo of Lauren Dawes

    Lauren Dawes Cast

  21. Photo of Robyn Nevin

    Robyn Nevin Cast

  22. Photo of Mirrah Foulkes

    Mirrah Foulkes Cast

  23. Photo of Luke Buchanan

    Luke Buchanan Cast

  24. Photo of Jacek Koman

    Jacek Koman Cast

  25. Photo of Oscar Redding

    Oscar Redding Cast

  26. Photo of Lucy Lawless

    Lucy Lawless Cast

  27. Photo of Adam Arkapaw

    Adam Arkapaw Cinematography

  28. Photo of Mark Bradshaw

    Mark Bradshaw Music

  29. Photo of Fiona Crombie

    Fiona Crombie Production Design

  30. Photo of Philippa Campbell

    Philippa Campbell Producer

  31. Photo of Lucy Richer

    Lucy Richer Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Iain Canning

    Iain Canning Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Emile Sherman

    Emile Sherman Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Alexandre de Franceschi

    Alexandre de Franceschi Editing

  35. Photo of Scott Gray

    Scott Gray Editing